Twitter for lawyer marketingLawyers using Twitter for marketing? Yes, it’s true.

This micro blogging tool with posts or ‘tweets’ limited to 140 characters, which I was afraid to admit in public that I used, is generating some discussion among legal marketing professionals.

First, Twitter broke into a legal marketing listserv discussion last week. ‘What is it? Does anyone

Canada Law BlogsI was struck by Steve Matthews comment in an interview here today that one big difference between US and Canadian law bloggers is that Canadians are more social.

One aspect Canadian law bloggers do very well is the social side of blogging. We actively read and link to each other’s blogs. There are many¬†great

This isn’t our first time featuring Stem Legal’s Steve Matthews as a guest for the LexBlog Q & A; back in February, he stopped by and chatted with us about search engine optimization and how it works (or doesn’t).

Today, the Vancouver-based SEO specialist is back, talking about Canadian law blogs. Bell Canada’s Dominic Jaar offered us a bit of insight on the state of the Canadian legal blogosphere when we spoke to him recently…but for today’s interview, that issue was the focal point. Steve’s insights on where it is and where he sees it going in the future, after the jump.

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Capping off this week’s run of the LexBlog Q & A is an interview with Steve Matthews of Stem Legal. Steve is a Canadian search engine optimization specialist with an expertise in helping lawyers establish a strong presence on the web. The focus of our e-mail exchange? You guessed it…SEO.

Steve has the experience to

Missed Steve Matthews’ bulleted list on the social tactics for blogging until Nick Holmes mentioned it this morning.

Tape Steve’s list to your wall to expand your blog network:

  • Have a blogroll with links to your peers
  • Blog not just your own thoughts, but engage in blog-to-blog discussions
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Have email discussions

Matching the content of a law firm website or blog to its appropriate audience is the core purpose of law firm SEO, says law firm Internet marketing expert Steve Matthews. And it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that allows law firms and lawyers, via their content, to extend their brand beyond existing clients to reach