If you are looking to have your blog posts shared on social media, you best provide mobile viewers an exceptional user experience.

A new Forrester survey of 37,000 consumers found that mobile users are more likely to share a branded post than desktop users. While 28% of desktop users share branded posts that rises to

20131102-221453.jpg Per a study released by LinkedIn, over three quarters of businesses using content marketing are publishing with blogs.

No surprise that short form social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, at 87%, lead the way in tactics used by content marketers. It takes a minute or two to share something on short form social

Mashable’s Taylor Casti (@thecoppergirl) reports that one in five Americans can’t access Facebook at work – at least through their networked computer.

Facebook is not the only social network employers are blocking block in an attempt to boost productivity. Twitter is a close second, with 15.1% reportedly blocking the site. One in ten