In the days before the Internet, newspapers and other mass media were crucial resources for marketing yourself and your practice.

Now you use a blog for marketing and you get your news online, but the importance of building relationships with members of the media hasn’t changed. If anything, it’s more important than ever — and

Live blogging in courtrooms is no longer novel, and it’s not going away.

It makes too much sense. As newspapers become increasingly Internet-savvy and social media-friendly, court reporting is an area that can especially benefit from blogging and social networking tools.

A perfect example can be found in the recent tax fraud trial of Cedar

LA TImes blogsThe LA Times online has grown its revenues to the point where they cover the cost of paper’s entire editorial payroll. And Neilsen Net Ratings reports the LA Times has passed USA Today and the Washington Post in uniques with, according to internal numbers, 138 million page views in November, up more than 70% in

Advertising at U.S. newspapers fell 7.4 percent in the third quarter, the Newspaper Association of America reported today. Online newspaper advertising increased 21 percent to $773 million, compared with the same period for 2006. Online advertising still trails print advertising revenues of $10.1 billion, but now comprises 7.1 percent of the industries revenue.

The AP

An excellent and overlooked opportunity to expand your presence is engaging with local newspaper blogs. You’ll not only be seen by those drawn to newspaper blogs, but you’ll also build relationships with columnists and reporters writing for the print copy of the newspaper.

Here’s the 3 best ways to do the job.

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