A lack of innovation, high operating expenses and complacency have resulted in less than cutting edge technology and efficiencies from the big boys in legal technology and publishing. The problem has been made worse because of law firms’ acceptance of the status quo as they don’t know better and bill by the hour.

The result

I’ve been attending ALM’s LegalTech Show in New York for the better part of a decade.

LexBlog has never exhibited as a vendor, we don’t buy the type of solutions the exhibitors offer and I’ve only spoken there on a couple of occasions. But I go year after year and I am sure I will

I will be in New York City this week from Tuesday through Saturday. I’ll be there attending LegalTech as well as meeting with LexBlog Network members. Please look me up if you’d like to get together.

One thing I’ll be doing is brief video interviews of lawyers, companies, and organizations using blogs and social media

You can tell it’s LegalTech time again.

By LegalTech I am referring to ALM’s LegalTech Show in New York City the first week in February.

It is the largest and, arguably, the most important legal technology show of the year. The show brings together lawyers, corporate leaders, legal technology companies, large consulting companies and law

LexBlog, in partnership with ALM (American Lawyer Media), is providing coverage of ALM’s LegalTech Show in New York this week.

Using the LexBlog Network, LXBN, allows ALM to extend the reach of its LegalTech show beyond the walls of the conference center to LexBlog’s Network of over 7,000 lawyers around the world and to

In advance of today’s talk on Twitter at LegalTech West Coast, I sent out a request on Twitter and also asked some LexBlog clients who use Twitter to share any client development and/or networking success stories.

The response has been pretty overwhelming — attorneys and legal professionals from firms large and small have shared their positive stories of what an active Twitter presence has done for them.

Here are some of their stories and anecdotes:

See more stories and details after the jump:

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