Iowa mixed martial arts attorney David NelmarkHow’s this for a niche? Iowa attorney David Nelmark writes the Mixed Martial Arts Law Blog, covering the myriad legal issues that come up around this emerging and increasingly popular sport.

David has a general practice, and he and his firm, Belin Lamson McCormick Zumbach Flynn, practice in a wide variety of areas that are of interest to promoters, competitors, and others in the Mixed Martial Arts industry.

"While most people at my firm do not understand the intricacies of Mixed Martial Arts, they do understand the value of building a name for yourself within a particular industry," David says. "Thanks to the blog, I am the first entry when someone does a Google search for MMA lawyer or Mixed Martial Arts lawyer."

David advises potential law bloggers not to be afraid of focusing their blog in a very specific area.

"I have been able to highlight multiple aspects of my practice, including civil litigation and intellectual property matters, by finding stories that combine those elements with the sport of MMA," David says.

We reached out to David for this LexBlog Q&A to find out what blogs he enjoys following and what advantages his blog gives him.

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