mobile desktop legal researchRaymond Blijd (@legalcomplex), Project Manager Online Innovation of Wolters Kluwer, makes a compelling case that we are witnessing the death of legal research on desktop in his post today.

While Health and especially Finance went full throttle in mobile, driven respectively by pure need and speed, other business markets have been slower to adopt. Yet,

tv-vs-mobileA couple decades ago Bill Gates and Steve Balmer, of Microsoft fame, had the goal of putting a computer on everyone’s desktop. Most of us responded, “That’s nice, what would we do with a computer?”

Today, we’re entering a world where there are more tablets and smart phones than computers. Unfortunately, too many lawyers don’t

New York venture capitalist and blogger, Fred Wilson, asked this morning, laptop or mobile?.

I took a two day trip Thursday and Friday of this past week. When packing for the trip I debated about bringing my laptop (an 11″ macbook air) with me. In the end, I decided to bring it. I didn’t

iPad for lawyer professional and client developmentIf your husband or wife is asking you what you want for Christmas, or you’re buying your own present, consider an iPad. It may be the single best client and professional development resource at your disposal – whether you’re a techie or a luddite.

I bought an iPad the minute they came out. As a