I am headed to New Orleans Sunday, accompanied by LexBlog’s CTO Josh Lynch and head of business development, David Cuthbert, for Clio’s Annual Cloud Conference, running next Monday and Tuesday.

Clio has asked us to cover Clio Con and we’re honored to do so. Not only will be we covering the conference from New Orleans,

After five straight years hosting their annual Clio Cloud Conference  (“Clio Con”) in Chicago, Clio is headed south to New Orleans this year, on September 25 & 26.

What started out as a user conference for two or three hundred folks, Clio Con’s done nothing but grow. This year they expect to welcome one thousand

I’ll be attending the Clio Cloud Conference this Sunday through next Tuesday in Chicago.

Clio, a leading cloud based practice management solution, is probably right in billing “Clio Con” as the legal industry’s top conference. As a three year veteran, I can personally vouche for the tremendous experience of hanging out with business, legal and