If you’re not aware of the legal blogging community in Canada, you’re missing out – our neighbors to the North provide some of the most interesting commentary and insight out there. Take blogs like trademark and intellectual property lawyer Josh MacFadden‘s Canadian IP Perspectives.

Josh writes about trademarks, patents, and copyright law and issues, but the self-ascribed "news junkie", also weaves in how current events and widespread trends in the news affect these areas.

Through the blog, Josh has built relationships with readers from around the world who rely on him to explain the implications of Canadian laws on their own circumstances.

"The blog is a fantastic complement to practicing law because it becomes a relatively simple means of communicating to current and potential clients as well as colleagues," Josh says, "and I can reach a potentially vast readership which may have not previously known me or my office.

We reached out to Josh for this LexBlog Q&A to discuss the Canadian law blogosphere and the challenges of switching from legalese at work to a more casual tone on the blog.

See our email exchange with Josh, after the jump.

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This isn’t our first time featuring Stem Legal’s Steve Matthews as a guest for the LexBlog Q & A; back in February, he stopped by and chatted with us about search engine optimization and how it works (or doesn’t).

Today, the Vancouver-based SEO specialist is back, talking about Canadian law blogs. Bell Canada’s Dominic Jaar offered us a bit of insight on the state of the Canadian legal blogosphere when we spoke to him recently…but for today’s interview, that issue was the focal point. Steve’s insights on where it is and where he sees it going in the future, after the jump.

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