82, or 41%, of the 2008 AmLaw 200 law firms are now blogging. This number is up from 39 firms, or a 110% increase, since August 2007 when LexBlog released its first State of the AmLaw Blogosphere. The number of blogs being published by these firms has grown more than 200% in that same timeframe, from 74 to 227.

In the 6 months since LexBlog released its third State of the AmLaw Blogosphere in November of this 2008, the number of AmLaw law firms blogging has grown 15%.

For large law firms looking to brand their law firm blogs, LexBlog remains the blog publishing platform of choice with 68% of the AmLaw law firm branded blogs running on the the LexBlog publishing platform.

Growth highlights:

  • 41% of AmLaw 200 law firms have blogs.
  • 15% growth in last 6 months in the number of AmLaw 200 law firms publishing blogs.
  • 43% growth in last 6 months in total number of blogs being published by AmLaw 200 law firms (some firms have more than one blog).

And in the numbers:

  • 82 of the 2008 AmLaw 200 firms were blogging.
  • Those 82 firms were responsible for a total of 227 blogs.
  • 186 of the 227 blogs were firm branded; the remaining 41 blogs were not branded. ‘Firm branded’ blogs are those where the firm’s name and/or logo are prominently displayed, indicating that the blog is more a product of the firm than of the individual author writing it.
  • Of the 184 firm branded blogs, 37 firms used one of the major publishing platforms: 27 firms were using LexBlog; 4 firms were using Typepad; 3 firms were using Blogger; 1 firm was using Movable Type; 4 firms were using WordPress; and 1 firm was using Justia. Some firms use more than one publishing platform.

See a list of all the blogging AmLaw200 firms, with links to their individual blogs, after the jump.

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Texas appeals lawyer, Todd Smith, offered a newsflash from his blog last night, Appellate Judges read blogs.

While attending a bar function today, a local appellate justice I have met a few times before recognized me, introduced me to his companions as the author of an appellate blog, and confessed (?) to being

Ennis Irish law blogsI worked in a solicitor’s office in Ireland (Ennis, Co. Clare) for almost a year back in 1982 – my first job as a lawyer. That was long before the Internet and blogs. Heck, we were lucky when the phone company wasn’t on strike and we had working phones.

Today, Ennis is called a technology

Bill Gates told the world Thursday that Blogs are a big deal for businesses and that companies should start using blogs and RSS (Real Simple Syndication) for communicating with customers, staff and partners. Bill Gates on Blogs at CEO summitBill Gates topped it off by saying blogs have advantages over other, older ways of communicating such as email and Web sites. This is Bill Gates we're talking off folks – a guy that does not try to predict the future for business purposes – he makes the future.

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Dennis Kennedy, a great person and well respected Internet lawyer, is joining a number of leading lawyers in saying he would tell lawyers to start a blog before a Web site. Dennis recently posted on his blog his answer to the increasingly-common question of whether to start with a blog or a website: “[M]y current response is definitely a blog and, in most cases, hosted on TypePad. For the reasons Jeff (Jeff Beard of LawTechGuru fame- an excellent blogger himself) mentions and others, starting with a blog and gradually building out standard “website” features makes the most sense if you are in the position where you are asking that question.”
Perhaps the best statement by Dennis is: “I'm still surprised when someone with a law practice tells me that they have neither a website nor a blog.”

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A sound law firm marketing program will include public relations. Part of the public relations work will include holding out the firm's lawyers as experts in the area of law within which they practice. The goal is to get the media to contact the lawyers for information on stories and to quote the lawyer as an authority in the story. Typically law firms do this PR work by having a news room on their Web site, networking with journalists & reporters and issuing timely press releases via fax or email.
Setting up a blog where the firm becomes the source of news – the Associated Press, if you will, – on a particular area of law may be a far more powerful way to get the job done. Journalists doing stories relevant to the area of law picking up feeds from the blog by RSS or email now have an instant source for stories and experts to quote. Those journalists not subscribing to the blog will pick up your blog in a New York minute when doing a search on the topic at google.com. Heck, you will be doing journalists a favor.

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Well, blogs have made the cover story of USA Today. Think of all the folks who picked up their free copy outside their hotel doorway or at the airport to see the headline “Freewheeling Bloggers…” Comes on top of PC Magazine's prediction that both Leno and Letterman would crack jokes about blogs in early 2004. The public is learning about blogs in a hurry.

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