Lost on most blogging lawyers and law firms is that blogging represents something much different than writing an article for dissemination.

Blogging represents an opportunity to develop relationships with your readers. Relationships developed through conversations with your readers.

New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan (@sulliview), writing this week on the Times’ plans

Excellent piece today in a London School of Economics blog on the importance of science blogs and their resulting Web 2.0 discussion by Jonathan Mendel, a Lecturer in Human Geography at Dundee University, and Hauke Riesch, a Lecturer in Sociology and Communications at Brunel University.

Science blogging has become a prominent tool for researchers to

There’s lawyers who don’t care how they get the next client or case. Whether it comes via an ad above a urinal, a two page spread in the yellow pages, or a referral from someone who thought the lawyer was pretty good, they just don’t care.

In fact some lawyers would rather see their name