Patrick LambYou won’t find Patrick Lamb mincing words on his blog, In Search of Perfect Client Service. Going strong for almost five years now, Patrick’s blog is a place to share his take on client service, drawn from his experience at Chicago business litigation firm Valorem Law Group.

"People like my candor and irreverence, and while they might not always agree with me, they tell me they find my views provocative," Patrick says. "I love it when people tell me I made them think."

Not only has blogging made Patrick’s thoughts and writing "sharper and clearer" but he’s received feedback and engaged in dialogue about his posts with everyone from a department chair at the University of Chicago to some of the blogosphere’s heavy hitters like Gerry Riskin and Rob Millard.

We reached out to Patrick for this LexBlog Q&A to find out more about his secrets of blogging regularly for four-plus years.

See our email exchange with Patrick, after the jump.

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Last week’s webinar on Effective Blog Writing for Search Engine Optimization drew over 150 attendees, many of whom stayed through despite some delay and technical difficulties.

We’ve been able to re-do the screencast and recording of this webinar for those who couldn’t attend, or for those who wanted to revisit some of the topics discussed.

Family lawyer Brian GalbraithToo often we get caught up in the promotional aspect of why lawyers blog – while building your brand, your practice and your thought leadership are all important things, sometimes it’s the human behind the posts that really makes a blog successful and worth reading.

Brian Galbraith, a family lawyer in Ontario, Canada, writes about family law in posts that come from his own experiences as a divorced parent. One post on the Ontario Family Law Blog from December, on spending the holidays alone for the first time after a divorce, was one of the most memorable posts from the LexBlog Network in all of 2009.

"I did not expect it to be such an emotionally cathartic experience for myself personally," Brian says of his blogging. "I have enjoyed being able to share my experience, both practical and personal, through the blog. It’s hard work but worth the effort. The reception from others has been encouraging and supportive."

Of course, he is also blogging to raise his profile within the legal community, the media community and to potential clients. We caught up with him for this LexBlog Q&A to learn more about what topics he likes to cover and why Canadian lawyers should have a blog.

See our email exchange with Brian, after the jump.

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LegalTechLegalTech remains one of the primary legal conferences out there – clearly LexBlog thinks so, since we sent three members of our executive team to New York for this week’s event.

Though LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe isn’t presenting at the conference this year, he can be found there along with Vice President of Client Development

Virginia attorney Jay O'KeeffeVirginia attorney Jay O’Keeffe is a self-described "kid in a candy store" when it comes to appellate litigation, and his passion for that type of work comes through in his blog posts on De Novo: A Virginia Appellate Law Blog.

At the encouragement of professional development coach Cordell Parvin (also a member of the LexBlog Network, who blogs at Law Consulting Blog), Jay started his blog to build the visibility of his practice, keep up on appellate developments and get some writing practice.

While he hasn’t (yet) gotten anyone else at his firm, Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, to join him in the blogosphere, he’s built and solidified relationships with thought leaders and influencers in his own field and beyond.

"My potential clients and referral sources follow those sources closely," Jay says. "Blogging has let me join the conversation, but at my own speed."

We reached out to Jay for this LexBlog Q&A to find out more about what he’s learned about social media and what kind of work he does in his "day job."

See our email exchange with Jay, after the jump.

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We’re all over the map of the U.S. with this week’s launches, both in terms of location and topic. In particular, Terry Lenamon’s blog on cases involving the death penalty brings something new to the LexBlog Network. Enjoy the three-day weekend for some of you out there, and remember to leave the new bloggers a