The LexBlog Network Webinar Series for LexBlog Network members continues to be a big draw. This month’s webinar on the ‘Effective Use of LinkedIn for Business Development’ conducted by Kevin O’Keefe drew over 200 professionals.

Here’s a recorded screencast for those who were unable to attend. You may also download a copy of the mind map (pdf) used in the presentation. For a full screen view of the video just click those 4 arrows pointing out on the bottom of the video player.

Some of the points covered:

  • How is what I do with my blog related to my LinkedIn profile and presence?
  • What value does LinkedIn hold for business professionals/attorneys?
  • How can it be used as a business development/marketing tool?
  • What are some etiquette tips on professional social networking?

This webinar will also be posted along with our other recorded webinars on the LexBlog support site.

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The well-established and freshly redesigned Canadian Securities Law, from Stikeman Elliott, is a great example of how a traditional newsletter can evolve, via blogging, into something much more valuable.

Steered by the securities and knowledge management lawyers at the firm, the blog focuses on Canadian securities law relating to corporate finance, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance. While they initially wanted to be able to share the same information conveyed in newsletters on a more timely basis, the firm soon realized that blogging opened up options previously unavailable.

"What we have found interesting is that the blog platform has changed both the information we publish and the frequency with which share the information with clients," says Toronto knowledge management lawyer Alex Colangelo, one of the blog’s managers. "The ease with which we can post to a blog has allowed us to publish short pieces of content more frequently then we did in the past while at the same time allowing us to continue publishing our longer analytical pieces."

In other words, the blog has become a source for news, analysis and updates, where their clients can visit or subscribe to stay informed on developments they care about.

We caught up with Alex for this LexBlog Q&A to learn more about what the firm has learned since starting a blog and what advice they’d have for other firms.

See our email exchange with Alex, after the jump.

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How do you measure the ROI on social media? Can you even measure it? At LexBlog we hear these questions often from attorneys who want to know how to measure the success and investment in blogging and other tools.

At the monthly breakfast put on by the Social Media Breakfast group here in Seattle today, marketing consultant Katie Delahaye Paine gave a presentation on this very topic, titled No More Excuses: Yes We CAN Measure Social Media!

Katie (@kdpaine) is known as the "Queen of Measurement" and her company, KDPaine & Partners, measures the effectiveness of both social media and traditional public relations.

You can watch the recording of her talk on the SMBSeattle Ustream page, or view the PDF of her slideshow. But some of the points that are applicable for lawyers and legal bloggers are worth noting right off the bat, including the 7 steps to Social Media ROI.

  1. Define the “R” –Define the expected results?
  2. Define the “I” –What’s the investment?
  3. Understand your audiences and what motivates them
  4. Define the metrics (what you want to become)
  5. Determine what you are benchmarking against
  6. Pick a tool and undertake research
  7. Analyze results and glean insight, take action, measure again

I thought the most interesting points were 4 and 5: in essence, everyone in your organization needs to be on the same page about what success means (or as Katie calls it, "this is how we define kick-butt"). It could be something intangible like building trust or something more concrete like how often your people are quoted on your organization’s key messages. Either way, you will be able to compare yourself to how your competition is doing based on your definition of what is important.

From the perspective of a law firm or company, this means having a strategy and a mutually agreed upon vision before you start blogging and using social media. If you know what you want to achieve, you’ll know what it looks like when you get there. Kevin has written about the importance of social media strategy over tactics before.

Another key take-home point was the amount of time it takes to see a return on social media. As Katie put it, how long does it take to get someone to change their mind or convince them of something? That’s how long it takes to see a return on social media. She estimated at least three to four months as a starting point.

I’d be interested to hear your take on how you already may be measuring your ROI on social media and blogging. Do Katie’s strategies make sense to you?

The ABA TechShow, held annually in Chicago, is the biggest legal technology conference out there. It goes beyond e-discovery sessions to encompass the latest trends and changes in emerging technologies and business development.

LexBlog makes it a point to attend whenever possible, and for the second straight year we provided coverage from the event at our legal conference site, LexConference. We enlisted freelance writer Kelliann Blazek, who is pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to interview some of the legal tech world’s movers and shakers.

You can see Kelliann’s complete coverage of ABA TechShow 2010 on LexConference, or by visiting the links below.

LexBlog Interviews

If you’re hosting a conference you’d like us to cover, or if you’re a law student or journalism student interested in covering a event for LexConference, give us a call at 206-340-8201 or email Kevin at

This week saw launches from a couple existing LexBlog clients, a couple Canadian firms (including a re-launch) and a couple attorneys who are new to the LexBlog Network. Stop by and give them a look and a comment, and enjoy the holiday weekend and the (hopeful) arrival of spring.

Sometimes just one attorney at a firm is engaged and involved in blogging, and sometimes the whole gang gets involved in a firm’s blog.

That’s the case for the Virginia Real Estate, Land Use and Construction Law Blog, where instead of just one blogger to profile, we have three dynamic attorney-bloggers from the Virginia firm Bean, Kinney & Korman.

Timothy Hughes, Heidi Meinzer and Tad Lunger each serve as the "editor" for the different fields the blog covers. Tim is the Lead Editor, Heidi is editor of Litigation and Tad handles Land Use. It’s a great way to make sure all relevant topics get covered without running into issues of redundancy.

The blog has been live for just over six months, during which time the attorneys have made huge strides both in terms of connecting with others in their field and making the firm known as an authority on the subject.

"The blog has been the best way – individually and personally – to keep on top of real estate, land use and construction law issues," Heidi says. "It has the added benefit of making sure people in the industry know that Bean Kinney is great place to get help in these areas, every step of the way from acquiring or selling property, financing projects, getting through the land use and permitting issues and seeing the project through to the end."

We caught up with the attorneys at Bean, Kinney and Korman for the LexBlog Q&A to learn more about the response to their blog and why the construction law blogosphere is so vibrant.

See our email exchange with them, after the jump.

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Lakeside Green LoungeKevin will be keeping the tradition of Beer for Bloggers events alive with the 3rd annual meeting of lawyers, law bloggers and anyone else at ABA TechShow who wants to join.

The ABA Journal and LexBlog will co-host the gathering (and pick up the tab) at the Hilton Chicago’s Lakeside Green Lounge (720 S. Michigan Ave). The event will be held 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 26. Stop by and meet some online friends offline.

Additionally, if you know or you are a lawyer, journalist or law student interested in helping Kevin cover TechShow for this blog and LexConference, email Kevin and you’ll get a free pass to cover the event.

Kevin will be in Chicago from Wednesday evening through Saturday afternoon. If you’d like to get together with him, whether at TechShow at the Hilton or at your office, drop him an email or give him a call on his cell, 206 321 3627.

Finding your blogging voice

We had a nice turnout of close to 150 people at today’s webinar on Finding Your Blogging Voice. You can download the mindmap Kevin referenced by clicking on the image above, and you can watch the webinar recording or revisit it with our other recorded webinars at our support side.

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And stay tuned for more information about our next client webinar next month.

With no post-law school job offers, no qualms about his obsession with the Supreme Court and — most serendipitously — no morning classes, Georgetown law student Mike Sacks had the perfect formula for his blog.

The third-year writes First One @ One First, chronicling his attempt to be the first one in line to hear all major arguments before the Supreme Court this term.

That has meant rising at ungodly hours of the night and early morning to wait in line for the coveted #1 placeholder card. As detailed in today’s New York Times story, Tailgating at the Supreme Court, Without the Cars, even getting there 26 hours in advance isn’t always enough — Mike was beaten to the first spot for the high profile McDonald v. City of Chicago hearing.

Bigger than winning the prime spot in line, of course, is Mike’s desire to leverage "stunt journalism" into broader recognition for his writing portfolio on the blog. Alongside the photos snapped on his phone while waiting, he provides analysis of the cases and why they matter, interviews with the other attendees, and links to other relevant articles and blog posts on these cases.

"It’s interesting — that’s what first sparked it," Mike says. "Any perk I get on top of that would be wonderful."

Some of those perks have come already in the form of news coverage from major media outlets like the New York Times, above, and having his blog syndicated on the ABA Journal’s website.

Long-term, he hopes the attention could pay off in a career opportunity. Mike has a background in journalism, with internships at NPR and ABC, and would consider pursuing a career in either the legal or journalistic fields or a combination.

After seeing his Georgetown classmates struggle for employment, he’s adopted an admittedly "crazy" strategy to get himself out there.

"The current economic climate forces those — who would otherwise have comfortably found a job they would have been lukewarm about — to really soul search and find, by inspiration or simply stumbling upon, what they really are about and why they even came to the law in the first place," Mike says.

He believes that to become successful in a crowded job market, law students will have no choice but to break out of the box, such as by starting a blog, to make themselves known.

"I do hope that what I’m doing may serve in some way as an inspiration for those feeling listless or hopeless, even in the current law school and economic climate," he says.

Keeping up with the LexBlog tradition of meet-and-greets, Kevin will be hosting Twitterers, lawyers and other legal professionals to meet up in Miami on Thursday night for a Beer for Bloggers event.

He will be at Tobacco Road on Thursday, Feb. 25, starting at 6:30. The bar is located at 626 S Miami Ave. LexBlog will pick up the tab.

Kevin is in Miami this week from Wednesday night through Friday afternoon, speaking Friday at 9 am at the North American Regional Meeting for the World Services Group.

if you can’t make it but would enjoy meeting up with Kevin, don’t hesitate to email him or even give him a call at 206-321-3627.