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My Blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs is Eighteen, Today

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November 22, 2021

I hesitate to ride the coattails of Bob Ambrogi, who shared earlier that his blog, LawSites, is nineteen years old. But I’ve ridden my friend’s coat all these years, so here goes.

My blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs, is eighteen years old today. My first post was published on November 22, 2003.

What a ride it has been. Bob Ambrogi recognized blogs as a community in his anniversary post over on Facebook.

A community is right. I have met so many great people because of my blogging. Life long friends, customers, referral sources, mentors (whether they knew it or not) and the brightest minds in the legal and technology industry.

Thanks much to those who have read my blog, good or bad, frequent posts or less frequent.

I need to recognize it as the honor of a life time to be able share what I am thinking, get some feedback and to build enough of a name to found and a run a business coming up on eighteen years. All from blogging.

Notable too is that LexBlog was founded five months later in April, 2004.

I did not set out to found a company when I started publishing Real Lawyers. My goal was to share with lawyers how the Internet worked to build relationships and a name for themselves.

Not necessarily through a blog either. This blog was called something like I-Marketing for Lawyers when I started it.

When I saw the power of blogs to build a name and relationships, I went all in on legal blogs.