As I mentioned on the webinar itself, we could talk about this stuff all day—and we almost did, as questions kept coming in at the end of the webinar.

But again, thanks to everyone who was able to join us and, for those who didn’t, you can view the recording of this week’s webinar below. In it, we discuss examples of blogs that have brought in work and the tactics we observe them employ.

In this presentation, we of course discussed a multitude of examples, providing quotes along the way. Here are those examples, and where you can find those quotes.

  • First up, we went over Fox Rothschild and their expansive blog network. Before we got into their tactics we shared an impressive quote on their success from Firmwide Managing Partner Mark Silow. That quote came from a video interview with Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business.
  • Next up, it was Stuart Kaplow‘s Green Building Law Update, which Stuart called “an embarrassing success” because of all the work it’s brought in. For that quote and more on Stuart’s philosophy, see how LXBN Leaders profile on him.
  • Going back to a large law firm, we discussed the unique way Norton Rose Fulbright has really thrown their weight behind a true publishing network, and it’s resulted in work for the firm, with an attorney there telling us they’ve “had a client – who was previously unaware of our capabilities – send us one of our blog posts and contact us to work on a matter for them.”
  • Dan Harris’ China Law Blog is one of the best niche publications out there, particularly from an international perspective. As a result, he’s seen it bring in a great deal of work for the firm, telling us that and explaining his approach in an LXBN Leaders profile.
  • Christine Kingston has experienced similar success with her Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor. A big part of her approach has been the ability to champion a cause—that being removing the stigma around bankruptcy.
  • I always enjoy highlighting Bilzin Sumberg’s New Miami Blog, as we did here on the webinar. Their unique proactive approach to blogging, as detailed here, led to a point where a partner at the firm could say “We’ve absolutely have seen our blogs grow into new and expanding businesses relationships.”

Of course, as we mentioned at the end, blogging is about more than simply bringing in work—it’s about building up a reputation. And that’s easy to say, but can be difficult to measure and hear back on. Here’s a couple of examples where, what some attorneys heard back on their reputation really blew me away.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to join us. If you have any questions at all on what was presented, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always happy to help.

Photo Credit: Ben McLeod