Don’t tell my lawyers how to develop a strategy for blogging or how to blog, can’t you take one of our pdf newsletters and get it on blog software? Right now there are 600 loyal subscribers to the newsletter published by a renowned niche focused lawyer. This from a CMO with a large law firm over lunch last week.

The CMO believed there were far more people interested in the content than just the subscribers. The content could not be found on a Google search. The content was not sharable on social media. There was no RSS feed for news aggregators.

All of this and the email newsletter took a month to get out and took time to edit and format. Plus it did not look very good.

The CMO just wanted to know if the content could be regularly published to a blog. The answer is yes, and at a lower cost when factoring emoployee time in formating and sending pdf’s each month.

Eleven years ago when I founded LexBlog, I scoured law firm websites looking for firms who used their intellectual capital for marketing. I ranked the firms from one to five based on the amount of alerts, email newsletters, articles and white-papers they published and distributed by email.

The fours and fives, the ones with the most content being shared, I contacted and asked if they’d like to see a better way to publish and distribute content and save money in the process.

It was a blog I was proposing, though it was a rare legal professional who ever heard of a blog. Frankly, I didn’t care.

It was easier from an ethics and liability standpoint to say this was a powerful content management solution than to describe it as a blog. If general counsel at the firm heard the firm was going to blog, the answer would be no way.

Fast forward eleven years and blog software, especially WordPress, arguably remains the most effective content management solution for law firm content.

  • Eloquent custom designed mobile enabled website for each topic branded to complement the firm website.
  • Content published when ready to go, especially important when there are breaking legal developments.
  • Content easily published by law firm administrators¬†with no graphics nor publishing experience.
  • Content distributed by custom designed email complementing the site and law firm website.
  • All content archived in one website reached via a browser and fully searchable.
  • All content search engine optimized so readily found on a Google search.
  • Content syndicated via RSS to Feedly, Flipboard and other news aggregators.
  • Content shareable to social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Content publishing solution regularly updated by developer and host – not the law firm.
  • If desired, content titles could be displayed on lawyer bio pages and practice area pages on law firm website with links back to the content.

That’s a big time advantage over newsletters, alerts and articles¬†distributed by email. Further reach. Cost savings. Ready publishing and delivery.

All on a blog software.

Call or email me if you want to learn more. I’ll share with you what I shared with law firms in 2004.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Dennis Skley