There are lots of reasons lawyers choose to blog.

Building relationships. Enhancing your word of mouth reputation. Professional development. Growing a network of colleagues and others with similar interests. Contribution to the public. Advancing the law through open dialogue. Enjoyment.

Like anything worthwhile though, blogging requires a commitment.

This became apparent the last couple days in a discussion in the LinkedIn Legal Blogging Group.

A couple folks suggested that rather than blogging lawyers would be better served hiring others to write content to be published on a “blog.”

Their point being that blogging requires a commitment of time. Time that would be better spent working on client matters and meeting people face to face for business development.

I understand lawyers not wanting to blog. Blogging is not for most lawyers, it requires a commitment most lawyers are unwilling to make.

Many of you serve in board and leadership positions in bar associations and other legal organizations.

Most lawyers do not join these associations, let alone assume leadership positions and travel to state and national meetings. They do not want to make the commitment. That’s okay.

Lawyers who do join these associations do so for professional development, peer networking, public service and enjoyment.

Funny thing is that these lawyers are some of the finest lawyers around. By virtue of professional development and peer networking their legal work is generally top shelf. Word of mouth and referrals bring in plenty of business.

As a practicing lawyer I joined my state’s trial lawyers association about 25 years ago. I worked my way up to be a board member. I became a better lawyer and my results showed it.

Blogging is not about volumes of content. Blogging does not have take time away from face to face meetings. Blogging strategically to engage the people you want to meet may save you time.

Following online discussion as a blogging lawyer, engaging in that discussion through blogging, and building out a peer network through blogging makes you a better lawyer and enhances your word of mouth reputation.

It takes a commitment though.