Blogs are recommended for lawyers in order to build your online reputation and perhaps catch the interest of the media. That is, unless you’re maritime attorney and cruise industry watchdog Jim Walker (@CruiseLaw) of Cruise Law News, then you also have prominent government officials responding to your posts.

Walker – a LexBlog Network member – not only caught the attention of a newspaper and TV station in the Bahamas, but also various government ministers for his blog post on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World. The Bahamas topped his list for its various tourist robberies, assaults and its “archaic legal system is indifferent to the plight of U.S. crime victims.” The island nation that heavily depends on tourism was not too thrilled about making that list.

The post did make the Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe and Minister of State for National Security Keith Bell acknowledge the Bahamas’ crime problem on the nightly news. Even though both men were pretty adamant that the Bahamas are cleaning up its streets and are still a top tourist destination, it didn’t help that tv station NB12 followed up their statements with stories about a shooting and a drug bust.

So why did one man’s list become such a hot news story? Maybe it was a slow news day? Maybe the Bahamas is very protective of it’s public image? Maybe they didn’t read Walker’s disclaimer?

I made my own list of the most dangerous countries you can cruise to.  No, its not scientific in nature based on empirical evidence. It’s anecdotal in nature based on information we receive from cruise passengers who contact us and complain about being a victim of crime in a port of call.

The list even made it into the UK’s Daily Mail, but is much more tame than the majority of articles on their site.

Walker is no stranger to media attention. He’s appeared on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, PBS, international newspapers and a variety of business and travel journals. However, he’s been blogging for over five years and is a cruise watchdog.

But for this story, Walker took it in stride.

No one wants to make a “top 10” list for something like this. But unlike other countries which made the list, the Bahamas has shown a respectful and polite tone and demeanor in responding to the criticism.

Photo Credit: Flickr user steviep187