Until you take the final step of connecting – personally, old school – the network is incomplete and useless. – Attorney Frank Kimball (1953-2011) 

Blogging, social media, and social networking accelerate relationships and your word of mouth reputation. The key to growing your business is moving these relationships and word of mouth reputation from the online world to the offline world.

In this month’s LexBlog Network Webinar next Thursday, June 28, LexBlog CEO and Publisher Kevin O’Keefe will cover, among other things:

  • The importance and necessity of taking your online presence offline
  • Overcoming the fear that you don’t network well in person
  • Identifying the audience with whom you want to network
  • Leveraging your blog and other social media to ‘create’ offline connections
  • Building offline networks that grow your business
  • Opening the door to speaking engagements
  • Building offline relationships with amplifiers and influencers, such as reporters, publishers, and A-List Bloggers

The Details

  • Thursday, June 28 at 12 ET (9 AM Seattle Time)
  • Registration details went out to clients in an email on Thursday, June 21. Didn’t receive it? Email Helen Pitlick, LexBlog Social Media Account Manager, at helen@lexblog.com.
  • Webinar will be recorded and available on the LexBlog Network Support YouTube Page by Friday evening, June 29
  • Questions or concerns? Email or call Helen Pitlick at helen@lexblog.com or 206-204-3214.