There are many reasons lawyers and other professionals blog. Blogging is fun. Blogging helps build relationships. But, if you aren’t ultimately seeing any return on your investment, is it really worth the effort?

On Tuesday, April 17 or Thursday, April 19 at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT, LexBlog CEO and Publisher Kevin O’Keefe will present a free 1-hour webinar, “Are You Making Money From Your Blogs?

Are your blogs…?

  • Enhancing your word of mouth reputation as a reliable and trusted expert
  • Growing your network of relationships in your industry
  • Getting you quoted as subject matter experts by trade and mass media
  • Securing not only clients, but higher quality clients

Kevin will discuss this and more during the webinar. You can sign up for either date (the sessions will cover the same content) at LexBlog’s events center:

If you’re unable to make one of them, the webinar will be recorded and posted here and to LexBlogSupport’s YouTube channel 24-48 hours after the April 19th session.