Apple just released the New iPad (iPad 3), and interest for portable internet-equipped devices continues to grow; people are consuming more and more content on tablets and mobile devices.

Tablets and smartphones are not just for geeks and technology lovers — professionals can also leverage mobile functions in their legal practices. How can your iPad and iPhone help you with your business development?

On Thursday, March 22 at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT, LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe and the LexBlog Client Services Team present a free, hour-long webinar on this subject: “Making the most of your iPad and iPhone.”

“Making the most of your iPad and iPhone” will cover:

  • How your audience is consuming content
  • Why you might consider using a smartphone or tablet
  • How you can leverage the power of mobile for business development
  • Apps to think about using
  • While this webinar will focus on Mac OS products, many of the principles can be applied to Android and other devices.

You can register at LexBlog’s events center; registration is limited to 100 participants and our last session filled to capacity so please sign up today if you want to attend. “Making the most of your iPad and iPhone” will be recorded and posted to YouTube (and here) 24-48 hours after the session is over.