When LexisNexis talks, people listen.  And when the premiere electronic legal research service in the world publishes a "best of" list, it is a big deal to be on that list.  The recently compiled "LexisNexis Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs of 2011," features 13 blogs from the LexBlog Network.  Below is a list of all the blogs in the network that made the list, along with the reactions from a few of the authors about making the list and what it means to be part of such a distinguished company in the labor and employment law community. 

Blogging veteran Daniel Schwartz of Pullman & Comley has set a standard for legal blogging with his Connecticut Employment Law Blog.  Though it has been on many elite lists, the thing that is most important to the Hartford attorney is that readers still find his blog valuable and relevant after all this time.

"It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers and by others and having appeared on list like this in the past, it’s nice that four years into my blogging, people still recognize the value that the blog can bring.  I read several of the other blogs that are on the list and there’s a number of high quality law blogs that are out there, particularly on the LexBlog Network."

Columbus, Ohio attorney Brian Hall considers his blog, Employment Law Report, being on the list as a sign of the high quality of his work and credits the blog for giving his firm, Porter Wright, industry recognition beyond the Buckeye State.

"If you look up and down that list of blogs, there’s a lot of impressive lawyers and law firms that put out those blogs and just to be considered one of them is really an honor.  Being considered among that high quality a list validates what we’re doing as well.  When we got started, all we were really looking to do was make sure we were communicating legal developments to our clients as best we could and we were hopeful of getting a little more name recognition outside of the state of Ohio, but did not really ever expect that we would be getting this kind of recognition."

Anthony Zaller of Van Vleck, Turner & Zaller recognizes the difficulties associated with keeping a blog current and interesting while also facing the pressures associated with a hectic work schedule, which is why he considers it an honor that his blog, California Employment Law Report, is one of the top labor and employment blogs, as well as a testament to his ability to handle both a blog and a practice.

"It’s definitely hard to keep up on blogging and business and to keep your practice going. A lot of these other writers do a better job of keeping focus than I do, but I think blogging is something that is important to keep in mind and I try to do my best and I’m definitely honored to be in the company of these other bloggers.  I don’t know how I come up with ideas, it’s kind of just keeping it in the back of my mind in day-to-day activities.  Whenever I come across something that might be a good blog topic and once I have it in the back of my mind, I just go with it.  I don’t think getting the ideas for the blog post is the difficult part, it’s actually just sitting down and doing it and making the blog post."

Cozen O’Connor‘s Mike Schmidt explains that a key element to blogging is being able to reach an intended audience and his blog, Social Media Employment Law Blog, shows that the Philadelphia attorney is making good on that element of success.

"I am certainly honored that the blog has been recognized among the best with a certainly impressive group of other labor and employment blogs.  I think it’s important to not only provide good content but also to provide the content in a way that offers some value to the intended audience; in my case, employers looking for information on the impact of social media on employment law.  I’m happy that it’s been recognized and hopefully that’s an indicator of showing that I’ve been doing what I have meant to do so far."

As the lone international nominee on the list, Toronto attorney Lisa Stam is thrilled that her blog, Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada, made the list and credits the blog design as a big reason that her readership has increased.

"I was surprised because it’s an American list and usually Canadians are not on the radar in the first place and there are a lot of great Canadian blogs that were not on that list.  I am pleased.  I have no doubt that a lot of that has to do with the professional look of the blog that LexBlog puts out.  Our readership has expanded because of LexBlog, so that’s has a large contribution to it all.  To be in the company of some of the other blogs, it is a big deal for me, there are some big players there."

When Chicago attorney Jeff Nowak started FMLA Insights last year, neither Nowak nor his firm, Franczek Radelet, could have predicted the blog’s success.  Nowak is humbled to be on the same list as some of the great bloggers he has followed over time and hopes to learn from them and continue to grow as a labor and employment blogger.

"I am humbled and honored to be among some great labor and employment blogs.  I regularly read a number of them.  Those by Daniel Schwartz and Robin Shea come to mind.  There are some great blogs out there, particularly offered through LexBlog and I’m honored to be part of that group.  One year after going live with our FMLA Insights blog, I would never imagine, at this point, being among such elite company, but obviously I am excited about it.  I’m still learning more and more with every blog post and picking up on things that other bloggers do, which is always helpful."

Other blogs in the LexBlog Network that made this LexisNexis list include:

Voting for the "LexisNexis Top Labor and Employment Law Blog of the Year," ends Friday. With the LexBlog Network dominating the list, it is highly possible that one of our labor and employment bloggers is considered to be the new standard for the industry, according to LexisNexis.  Though there can only be one winner, we are endlessly proud of all the authors in our network who made the list, as well as all the other bloggers in the LexBlog Network who continue to pave the way for legal marketing through blogging.