After establishing herself as one of the top family law experts in Massachusetts, Boston attorney Nancy Van Tine now has her sights set on establishing her expertise nationally and internationally and has chosen her blog, Massachusetts Divorce Law Monitor, as a means of reaching the world at large.

"Divorce is a very local business and the laws are state-driven, but some of the general things are nationwide and it’s interesting to see how (others) cope with the same things we do." said Van Tine.  "Some (laws) are the same and some are wildly different."

As chair of the Divorce & Family Law Group and co-chair of the Private Client Group at Burns & Levinson, Van Tine has undoubtedly experienced a variety of issues in her 30-plus-year career as a family lawyer.  The issue that concerns her most are the general misconceptions about divorce law.  This notion was the driving force behind VanTine’s decision to create her blog two years ago.

"I started the blog because I felt there was a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of people think certain things about (divorce) that aren’t true," Van Tine said.

Conversational, insightful and clever, Massachusetts Divorce Law Monitor contains Van Tine’s original thought and commentary on an array of important divorce issues relevant both in the media and in the lives of people she encounters on a daily basis.  In typical New England fashion, Van Tine’s posts are quick to the point and her passion for divorce law shines through her writing.

"My blog tends to be more personal than many lawyer blogs," said Van Tine.  "I thought it would be a good forum to talk about the (divorce) process itself and the ordinary bits and pieces that somebody out there looking for the information to do a divorce can get the information they need."

Van Tine’s credibility has kept her practice busy over the years, but her ability to deliver important and useful information to readers on her blog is what has brought recent success that has extended her network beyond Beantown and the Old Colony State.  Thanks to her blog, Van Tine has taken on many huge clients, including cases involved with the Hague Abduction Convention, an organization that handles international child custody and kidnapping cases.

"Initially, (blogging) would get me a client a month but now I probably don’t see anybody who hasn’t read the blog, which is really good because they feel like they know me when they come in," Van Tine said.

In addition to exposure to new clients, Van Tine has become a regular contributing writer for both the Huffington Post and Women’s Forum and has been mentioned in various publications and blogs.

"I feel very connected to a number of bloggers who quote me on their blogs and I quote them on mine and we link to each other periodically," Van Tine said.

With the recent slew of major clients and syndication writings, one might wonder how Van Tine finds time to blog.  She credits her support staff, comprised of younger lawyers under her wing who occasionally write posts in her absence, and her business development manager, Scott Katz, for keeping her multi-laterally focused.

"(Scott) keeps my nose to the grindstone, "  said Van Tine.  "If he doesn’t see anything going on for a few days on the backend, he’ll nudge me and its very good to have that."

The support to keep her publication regularly maintained has helped Van Tine tremendously, though she admits it can be tough at times.  Her advice to bloggers is to simply be consistent.

"Even if you don’t feel like it, get something up there at least once a week," Van Tine said.  "It really makes a difference for your readers."