Thanks to all who attended "Twitter for Professionals" yesterday morning (or afternoon, for the East Coast folks).

LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe shared the strategies he follows when using Twitter for professional and business development.

Kevin started off with a simple question: why should you consider using Twitter? 

Twitter is a way to "instantly connect with relevant information and relevant people," Kevin said, quoting Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter is a relationship builder and a way to establish trust — as with traditional networking, it’s more important for someone in the position to hire you or refer work to know you as a person rather than to know your legal skills.

Twitter is also way to stay up to speed as a lawyer — it’s a 21st century version of advance sheets. In this regard, it serves as an RSS alternative. Kevin shared the tools he uses to listen, tweet, search for relevant information and build his network. 

If you want to learn more about how Kevin uses Twitter, or if you just want to watch again, you can view the recording at LexBlog’s Events Center. You can also download a PDF of the MindMap Kevin worked from by clicking the image above. 

Several attendees asked about the difference between personal and professional tweets, and how law firms themselves can best utilize Twitter — Kevin answered these in the session.

We ran out of time, but Dan Bushell of Florida Appellate Review also asked a question that definitely deserves an answer: If I already have a handle with firm name and have significant number of followers, can I change now, or will it mess me up?

Colin O’Keefe, LexBlog’s editorial manager, recently changed @LexMonitor to @LXBN, and weighed in. Colin mentioned that all you need to do to change your handle is to edit your profile. Older tweets may be indexed with your old handle, but your new name will show up to followers as such. He noted that changing your avatar has a bigger effect than changing your handle, so many followers won’t even notice the change. 

I hope that you found this webinar informative and that you’ll join us on Wednesday, August 24 for "Facebook for Professionals," the next in our ongoing webinar series on social media