The LexBlog Network Webinar Series for LexBlog Network members continues to be a big draw. This month’s webinar on the ‘Effective Use of LinkedIn for Business Development’ conducted by Kevin O’Keefe drew over 200 professionals.

Here’s a recorded screencast for those who were unable to attend. You may also download a copy of the mind map (pdf) used in the presentation. For a full screen view of the video just click those 4 arrows pointing out on the bottom of the video player.

Some of the points covered:

  • How is what I do with my blog related to my LinkedIn profile and presence?
  • What value does LinkedIn hold for business professionals/attorneys?
  • How can it be used as a business development/marketing tool?
  • What are some etiquette tips on professional social networking?

This webinar will also be posted along with our other recorded webinars on the LexBlog support site.

If you had any additional questions about writing for search, feel free to contact our Helpdesk at or at 1-800-913-0988. And stay tuned for more information about our next client webinar next month.