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Putting Social Media to Work for You : ABA Webinar on Friday

MyCase LexBlog WebinarI have the pleasure of presenting at an ABA Webinar on social media this Friday. I’ll be joined by Nicole Black (@nikiblack), Director of Business Development at MyCase and a widely recognized authority on social media. We’ll cover social media principals, blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The focus will be embracing what is now ubiquitous … Continue Reading

“Storytelling online: Improving your legal blog writing” — webinar recording available

Thanks to all who attended “Storytelling online: Improving your legal blog writing”! The recording is now available on YouTube (or above) and you can also download the slides. Lawyers make their living writing, but that writing is not always tailored towards web readers. In this session, LexBlog team members Karen Windus and Josh Lynch shared … Continue Reading

"Networking through the Internet — the right way": webinar recording available

If you missed today’s webinar, “Networking through the Internet — the right way,” the recording is now up on the LexBlogSupport YouTube channel. In it, Kevin O’Keefe discusses how to use the ‘net to build relationships and enhance your word of mouth reputation. You may be good at what you do, but it’s interpersonal connections that ultimately … Continue Reading

"Networking through the Internet — the right way" — LexBlog Network webinar on Thursday

Networking through the Internet is imperative in today’s world to build relationships and enhance your word of mouth reputation. But what is your networking strategy and how do you execute that strategy online? LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe will be covering how to network through the Internet in a strategic and time-effective fashion in a free, … Continue Reading

"Google Analytics Basics" — LexBlog Network webinar on November 29

The biggest indication of a blog’s success is that it’s helping you enhance your reputation, grow your network of relationships, establish yourself as a subject matter expert, and attract higher quality clients. However, an analytics package like Google Analytics can help you get an idea of who’s visiting your site, how they’re getting there, what … Continue Reading

"Blogging: Greater Returns With Less Effort" — webinar recording available

Thanks to all who attended yesterday’s webinar, “Blogging: Greater Returns With Less Effort,” presented by LexBlog CEO and publisher Kevin O’Keefe. For those who missed it, the webinar recording is available above and on the LexBlogSupport YouTube page. You can also download the mindmap that Kevin worked from. Here are a few of the topics … Continue Reading

Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers: webinar recording available

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s webinar, “Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers.” We had some great questions from the audience! For those who missed the session, the recording is available in its entirety above and also on the LexBlogSupport YouTube channel. Rather than summarizing the webinar here, I’ll direct you to Lindsay Griffith’s wonderful recap … Continue Reading

LexBlog Network Webinar June 28: Using Social Media and Social Networking To Build Face to Face Relationships

Until you take the final step of connecting – personally, old school – the network is incomplete and useless. – Attorney Frank Kimball (1953-2011)  Blogging, social media, and social networking accelerate relationships and your word of mouth reputation. The key to growing your business is moving these relationships and word of mouth reputation from the online world … Continue Reading

LexBlog Seminar June 22: Merging Traditional Business Development with Today’s Technology

Merging Traditional Business Development with Today’s Technology How do you control your destiny by driving revenue as a rainmaker? How do you blend traditional marketing techniques with social media to build your book of business?  Relationships and word-of-mouth referrals will always matter the most, but the importance of the Internet is growing steadily. Social networking … Continue Reading

LXBN (LexBlog Network) Webinar on May 22 : Networking on LinkedIn at the Next Level

LinkedIn is a heck of a lot more than a lawyer’s profile of record — it’s a networking powerhouse. In “Networking on LinkedIn at the Next Level : Building Relationships and Enhancing Your Reputation,” you’ll learn to harness LinkedIn’s most effective features (many of them new) to get work the old fashioned way: through relationships and … Continue Reading

"Business Development: Leveraging Your Blog to Bring in New Work" — webinar recording available

Thanks to all who attended this week’s webinar, “Business Development: Leveraging Your Blog to Bring in New Work,” held on April 17 and 19. In this webinar, LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe provided some tough love and explained how he uses his blog and other platforms on the Internet — like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and even … Continue Reading

"Are You Making Money From Your Blog?" LexBlog client webinar on April 17 or 19

There are many reasons lawyers and other professionals blog. Blogging is fun. Blogging helps build relationships. But, if you aren’t ultimately seeing any return on your investment, is it really worth the effort? On Tuesday, April 17 or Thursday, April 19 at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT, LexBlog CEO and Publisher Kevin O’Keefe will present a free 1-hour webinar, “Are … Continue Reading

Making the most of your iPad and iPhone: LexBlog's March client webinar

Apple just released the New iPad (iPad 3), and interest for portable internet-equipped devices continues to grow; people are consuming more and more content on tablets and mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are not just for geeks and technology lovers — professionals can also leverage mobile functions in their legal practices. How can your iPad … Continue Reading

I will be at LMA Annual in Dallas : Would welcome meeting you

I’ll be in Dallas tomorrow afternoon through Friday evening. First to meet with a couple law firms on Tuesday afternoon and then to attend the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Conference in Grapevine. I attend the LMA conference each year. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet LexBlog clients, many of whom also attend. There is no substitute … Continue Reading

LXBN coverage of LegalTech New York continues on LXBN TV

ALM’s LegalTech New York wrapped up yesterday evening, but coverage of the nation’s largest legal technology conference continues on LexBlog’s LXBN Network. Over 40 LXBN TV video interviews of legal industry leaders and curated blog feeds from bloggers attending LegalTech continue to run on the LegalTech New York Channel of LXBN. Here’s just one of … Continue Reading