Is social media as important as references for buyers of legal services?

Social media more important than references for lawyersMore so, per a report (pdf) from Hinge Research Institute on how purchasers check out professional services firms before hiring one. Before the Internet, things were pretty simple, buyers of professional services, including legal services, turned to colleagues and references. Buyers talked to individuals they trusted or others in the industry for information on a professional’s strengths and … Continue Reading

Americans increasingly getting news from social media : Bodes well for law firms who blog

Americans are increasingly getting their news via social media according to the latest study from the Pew Research Journalism Project. The percentage of a respective social network’s users who get news from the network varies dramatically with Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook leading the way. You also need to look at the percentage of Americans using … Continue Reading

76% of content marketers are using blogs

Per a study released by LinkedIn, over three quarters of businesses using content marketing are publishing with blogs. No surprise that short form social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, at 87%, lead the way in tactics used by content marketers. It takes a minute or two to share something on short form social media. … Continue Reading

Social now most important factor for high search results

Social is now the most important Google search ranking factor, per online marketing specialist, Jeff Woelker (@jeffwoelker). Woelker cites an in-depth study by Search Metrics which found Seven of the top eight factors associated with high search rankings social in nature. I know, it sounds counterintuitive to what we’ve been hearing for years. From keywords, … Continue Reading

Social media will soon drive more traffic to law firm websites than search engines

Law firms looking to draw traffic to their websites and blogs will want to move on from SEO to social media. Technology journalist, Ben Weitzenkor (@benkwx), reports in Entrepreneur Magazine that social media may soon drive more traffic to websites than search engines. Last year, half of all internet users ages 18 to 23, and … Continue Reading

Xerox CMO schools law firm CMO’s on personal use of social media

“We can’t all have “geniuses” representing our brand like Apple does, but never underestimate how brands can be personified by the simplest virtual and face-to-face social communication.” This from Christa Carone (@ChristaCarone), CMO for Xerox, in a piece in the Harvard Business Review last month on the power of a CMO leading by example in … Continue Reading

Using Facebook as lawyer or law firm? Better work on weekends

I’ve always felt that blogging and Twitter slowed while Facebook came alive on the weekends. That’s at least as to my circle of friends and connections – business people, lawyers, reporters, technologists, association leaders, and the like. It turns out that most Facebook interaction (likes, comments, and shares) for most industries does come on the … Continue Reading

92% of people more inclined to buy from company using social media

Need any more validation that social media has woven into the fabric of our society? 92% of people are more inclined to purchase from a company that makes use of social media channels. For 67% of people, Facebook is their preferred social media channel. This from Accenture Interactive (@AccentureSocial) in a study released this week. Consumers … Continue Reading

Social media: the online marketing method lawyers most want to learn

This continues my series of posts to provide lawyers and legal marketing professionals with support for making the case for social media in their firms. As more lawyers take on business development and marketing themselves, there’s a dominant demand by lawyers to learn about social media above other online marketing methods. This from this years … Continue Reading

Top 10 Ways Legal Marketing Has Changed in the Past Five Years : Survey

Most lawyers and legal marketing professionals responded with just two words: Social Media. That from a Legal Marketing Survey Report (pdf) by Avvo and LexBlog I shared with you yesterday. In my post yesterday I shared that the survey found law firms are curtailing investment in marketing traditional and embrace digital marketing. In a continuing series of blog … Continue Reading

Law firms curtail traditional and embrace digital marketing : Survey

Legal marketing has changed dramatically over the past five years. Today, law firms large and small are cutting back on traditional marketing tools and embracing digital activities and new technologies to market their people and services. Networking and word-of-mouth relationships that lead to new business referrals continue to be pillars of legal marketing, but these tried and true … Continue Reading

Articles tweeted about are 11 times more likely to be highly cited in journal articles

There’s no question that social media is having a significant impact on science per an article in Forbes by Haydn Shaughnessy (@haydn1701) entitled ‘How Could Twitter Influence Science.’ The bottom line is simple: articles that many people tweeted about were 11 times more likely to be highly cited than those who few people tweeted about. … Continue Reading

65% of online adults use social networking sites : Time for lawyers to wake up

Those are the fundings of the Pew Research Center’s social media survey released last Friday. The New York Times’ Somini Sengupta jumped on the fundings to proclaim another milestone being crossed with over one half of all Americans using social networks. That’s 50 percent of all Americans, not just those who say they are online. … Continue Reading