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Increasing Twitter to 10,000 characters feels like a mistake

Long form tweetsRumored for sometime, Re/code’s Kurt Wagner (@kurtwagner8) now reports Twitter is going to raise its character limit for tweets to 10,000 characters. Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to tweet things longer than the traditional 140-character limit, and the company is targeting a launch date toward the end of Q1, according to multiple sources … Continue Reading

Is Twitter becoming less important?

Twitter for lawyersHardly. Twitter has been in and out of the news over the last couple months. Most of the coverage and commentary negative. Twitter has not realized its potential. Twitter has not experienced the success of Facebook. Twitter needs to refine its business model. Twitter needs to develop products. Twitter needs to replace its CEO, Dick … Continue Reading

Lawyers can now see detailed demographics on Twitter followers

Twitter audience insightsWant to see the interests of your Twitter followers, their occupation, their net worth and education? It’s now possible. Twitter introduced this morning a new tool to help users better understand their audience on Twitter. From Andrew Bragdon (@AndrewBragdon), Product Manager, Revenue: With audience insights, you can easily discover valuable insights about your followers and … Continue Reading

Google running real-time tweets by lawyer name and tags

Twitter for lawyersTwitter is teaming up with Google to bring Twitter’s real-time content to Google’s search results. As Twitter’s Jana Messerschmidt (@janamal), VP Global Business Development & Platform announced a couple days ago, Google users will now see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. The desktop web version is … Continue Reading

New Twitter homepage for lawyers coming soon

New Twitter Home PageWell not exactly, but Charlotte Banks (@GSCharlotteB) of GeekSnack reports a new Twitter homepage for non-users is going live soon. Lawyers, by my calculations, are mostly non-users of Twitter. Though it may seem everyone around you is using Twitter and that it makes all the sense in the world to do so for staying abreast of legal … Continue Reading

Building social media equity and meeting people at LMA

social media equityThere’s been a good amount of discussion in sessions at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference today about building social media equity as a lawyer and law firm. Nancy Myrland (@nancymyrland), a legal marketing and social media strategist, discussed raising social media capital before you have a crisis at hand. A press release, press conference, or … Continue Reading

Twitter now tells you if anyone is listening to you

Twitter analyticsEver wonder if anyone is listening to items you share on Twitter? As of this week, Twitter analytics are available on its iPhone app that will show you how many impressions your tweets get and chart other engagement, including retweets and favorites. To reach your analytics on your iPhone, just click on one of your … Continue Reading

Will Twitter redesign entice more lawyers to join?

Twitter redesignAs reported Friday evening by the Wall Street Journal’s Yoree Koh (@YoreeKoh), Twitter, in the hope that more users will sign up and stick around, has redesigned its signup process. The redesign includes a number of new features. Christian Ostlien (@christianism), in product management at Twitter, tweeted that the redesign, in the works for months, … Continue Reading

Why Twitter timeline changes are not a bad thing

Twitter timeline changeTwitter is now adding content it thinks you would like to see into your home timeline. Despite many people crying foul, I think this move may be a positive one for all Twitter users, new ones and veterans. Until now, your home timeline has displayed only tweets from Twitter users you have chosen to follow. You … Continue Reading

Can law firm CMO’s ignore becoming influential on Twitter?

Law firm leaders on TwitterGeneral Electric, SAP, Salesforce, General Mills, Cisco, Gap, and Dell are just some of the major companies whose CMO’s are taking a center stage on Twitter for the sake of their companies–and their personal brands. This from Forbe’s Jennifer Rooney (@jenny_rooney) reporting on the most influential CMO’s on Twitter. It turns out the most influential … Continue Reading

“Buy Legal Services Now” on Twitter

20140701-152028-55228552.jpgDon’t laugh. Buying legal services with the click of a button on Twitter is upon us. Mashable’s Kurt Wagner (@kurtwagner8) reports that shopping within your Twitter Timeline is not far off. A new “Buy now” button appeared on multiple tweets Monday, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site. The button … Continue Reading