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Twitter now tells you if anyone is listening to you

Twitter analyticsEver wonder if anyone is listening to items you share on Twitter? As of this week, Twitter analytics are available on its iPhone app that will show you how many impressions your tweets get and chart other engagement, including retweets and favorites. To reach your analytics on your iPhone, just click on one of your … Continue Reading

Will Twitter redesign entice more lawyers to join?

Twitter redesignAs reported Friday evening by the Wall Street Journal’s Yoree Koh (@YoreeKoh), Twitter, in the hope that more users will sign up and stick around, has redesigned its signup process. The redesign includes a number of new features. Christian Ostlien (@christianism), in product management at Twitter, tweeted that the redesign, in the works for months, … Continue Reading

Why Twitter timeline changes are not a bad thing

Twitter timeline changeTwitter is now adding content it thinks you would like to see into your home timeline. Despite many people crying foul, I think this move may be a positive one for all Twitter users, new ones and veterans. Until now, your home timeline has displayed only tweets from Twitter users you have chosen to follow. You … Continue Reading

Can law firm CMO’s ignore becoming influential on Twitter?

Law firm leaders on TwitterGeneral Electric, SAP, Salesforce, General Mills, Cisco, Gap, and Dell are just some of the major companies whose CMO’s are taking a center stage on Twitter for the sake of their companies–and their personal brands. This from Forbe’s Jennifer Rooney (@jenny_rooney) reporting on the most influential CMO’s on Twitter. It turns out the most influential … Continue Reading

“Buy Legal Services Now” on Twitter

20140701-152028-55228552.jpgDon’t laugh. Buying legal services with the click of a button on Twitter is upon us. Mashable’s Kurt Wagner (@kurtwagner8) reports that shopping within your Twitter Timeline is not far off. A new “Buy now” button appeared on multiple tweets Monday, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site. The button … Continue Reading

Two legal companies doing Twitter the right away

Twitter legal companies law firmsIf I see a Tweet like the above, I feel pretty good. And why not? LexisNexis (@LexisNexis) is a multi-billion dollar company with over 20,000 Twitter followers — including executives in their parent company, Reed Elsevier, most LexisNexis employees, and a who’s who in the legal profession. We all have a little ego. We all … Continue Reading

Your new Twitter profile is available and waiting

New Twitter ProfileLogging into Twitter on your desktop you’ll be prompted to begin using the new Twitter profile. Twitter has been rolling the new profiles to select users over the last month plus. Today, the new web profile experience is being rolling out to all users. What’s new about the profile? With an assist from Kevan Lee at Buffer … Continue Reading

Are lawyers missing an opportunity to learn via Twitter?

20140222-213253.jpgHigh School Principal Kevin Deemer (@kevindeemer99), described educators not using social media as trees without branches. As soon as you get on Twitter, now you have branches. You become a forest very quickly. Kara Newhouse (@KaraNewhouse), education reporter for Lancaster Newspapers, had a wonderful piece today on teachers using Twitter for professional development. Through organized … Continue Reading

New Twitter profile pages likely to attract more lawyers to Twitter

20140212-215556.jpgIf you thought managing changes at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ was hard enough, get ready for possible changes at Twitter. As reported yesterday by Mashable’s Samantha Murphy (@heysmantha), Twitter is testing a major profile redesign that’s very reminiscent of Facebook and Google+. Twitter tests changes with select users before rolling them out to all users. … Continue Reading

Lawyers are a bigger deal on Twitter than they think.

The median active Twitter user (tweets at least once a month) has only 61 followers. This from research performed by Jon Bruner (@jonbruner), a data journalist at O’Reilly Radar. If you’re a lawyer seeing yourself as a Twitter laggard because you have only a few hundred followers, fear not. You’re in the 80th to 90th … Continue Reading

Are lawyers more connected than ever because of Twitter?

Golf Channel Analyst, Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel), writes over on that tournament pros, admittedly a much smaller group than lawyers, are more connected than ever because of Twitter. Chamblee questions whether some pros are doing little more than killing time between rounds and travel, with some even getting drawn into conversations with social media morons. … Continue Reading

Is Twitter stock worth buying?

I say yes. Perhaps, not to sell overnight, but as a long term investment. I’ll confess, I am no investment guru. By starting companies, and self funding them, in the case of LexBlog, my investments tend to be one trick ponies. But I have been a believer in Twitter since day one – at least … Continue Reading