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Getting followers on Twitter : What’s a lawyer to do?

An Ohio lawyer thanked me Saturday, via Twitter, for my words of encouragement on using Twitter as a lawyer. Just beginning her use of Twitter, she had 22 followers. She had seen my post that lawyers, by and large, have more followers on Twitter than other Twitter account holders. 100 followers puts a lawyer at… Continue Reading

Are lawyers missing an opportunity to learn via Twitter?

High School Principal Kevin Deemer (@kevindeemer99), described educators not using social media as trees without branches. As soon as you get on Twitter, now you have branches. You become a forest very quickly. Kara Newhouse (@KaraNewhouse), education reporter for Lancaster Newspapers, had a wonderful piece today on teachers using Twitter for professional development. Through organized… Continue Reading

New Twitter profile pages likely to attract more lawyers to Twitter

If you thought managing changes at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ was hard enough, get ready for possible changes at Twitter. As reported yesterday by Mashable’s Samantha Murphy (@heysmantha), Twitter is testing a major profile redesign that’s very reminiscent of Facebook and Google+. Twitter tests changes with select users before rolling them out to all users…. Continue Reading

Courtroom coverage by social media a welcome development

What goes on in our courts is a mystery to most American. What little coverage of proceedings there was is on the decline with the reduction in newspaper staffing. Perhaps just as social media, blogs and all, is filling the void in general and niche news coverage, social media can fill the gapping void in… Continue Reading

Lawyers are a bigger deal on Twitter than they think.

The median active Twitter user (tweets at least once a month) has only 61 followers. This from research performed by Jon Bruner (@jonbruner), a data journalist at O’Reilly Radar. If you’re a lawyer seeing yourself as a Twitter laggard because you have only a few hundred followers, fear not. You’re in the 80th to 90th… Continue Reading

Are lawyers more connected than ever because of Twitter?

Golf Channel Analyst, Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel), writes over on Golf.com that tournament pros, admittedly a much smaller group than lawyers, are more connected than ever because of Twitter. Chamblee questions whether some pros are doing little more than killing time between rounds and travel, with some even getting drawn into conversations with social media morons…. Continue Reading

Is Twitter stock worth buying?

I say yes. Perhaps, not to sell overnight, but as a long term investment. I’ll confess, I am no investment guru. By starting companies, and self funding them, in the case of LexBlog, my investments tend to be one trick ponies. But I have been a believer in Twitter since day one – at least… Continue Reading

Twitter’s new explanation of itself : Not enough for lawyers

Journalist and Web developer Lance Whitney (@lancewhit) reports at CNet that on the eve of its IPO Twitter is striving to explain itself. The microblogging site has revamped its About page to shed more light on its features and benefits. The Products section of the page specifically touts how you can discover what’s happening, how Twitter is… Continue Reading

Will Twitter ever be mainstream? Does it matter?

A business development professional in a large law firm queried whether the firm or its lawyers needed to worry that much about Twitter. After all she said, Greentarget’s survey of in-house counsel’s use of social media found their use of Twitter dramatically less than their reading of law blogs. Twitter’s admissions in its IPO filing… Continue Reading

International business development? You may want to use Twitter

If your law firm is developing business internationally, you and your lawyers ought to consider Twitter. Mashable’s Zoe Fox (@zoebfox) reports 78% of Twitter’s users are outside the U.S. Since 2010, Twitter’s international user base has grown 745% — from 20 million to 169 million users. Its user base in the United States has only… Continue Reading

Twitter lists : Include people, not just corporations

I’ve always liked the title of the book, ‘Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do,’ by Euan Semple (@euan). Twitter’s personal. Of course it’s not as black and white as that. There are many law firms doing a nice job with Twitter handles in the firm’s name. When it comes to your Twitter lists (as a law… Continue Reading

Put me in coach – I’m ready to play today

Mark Didtler of the AP reports that Enny Romero (@EnnyRomeroTB) was watching the Tampa Bay Ray’s 18-inning win Friday night at home in the Dominican Republic. Knowing that the extra inning affair would deplete the Ray’s pitching staff, Romero tweeted he was ready to pitch the following afternoon. In the midst of a pennant chase and… Continue Reading

Do you have an obligation to serve on Twitter?

Nineteen people started following me on Twitter in the last day. Crazy, but almost 17,000 people and organizations now receive my Tweets. I am not saying this to impress you. Walking from the ferry into the office this morning it dawned on me that I have an obligation to serve these folks. Not an obligation… Continue Reading

Twitter followers can mean business for law firms : Survey

72% of a business’ followers on Twitter are more likely to purchase from that business pursuant to a Market Probe survey released this week. From Tim Perzyk (@tperzyk), Manager, Twitter Ads Research, who shared the results on Twitter’s blog: 72 percent of those who follow a business are more likely to make a purchase afterward… Continue Reading