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Social media is indispensable tool for lawyers : New York State Bar

8242574584_d092ef997c_z“Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are becoming indispensable tools used by legal professionals and those with whom they communicate.” This from the Social Media Committee of the Federal and Commercial Litigation Section of the New York Bar Association, in issuing ethical guidelines on social media. Look at the onus the New … Continue Reading

We’re still social, technology just changes how we socialize

Are the above situations any different? Are people socializing any less? As Techdirt’s Tim Cushing (@TimCushing) penned last Friday, technology doesn’t make us less social, it only changes the way we socialize. A newspaper, like a smartphone, can be more entertaining in some situations. Yes, the printed word, applied to paper, is more interesting than … Continue Reading

Law firms should empower lawyers to market themselves and build personal brands

resslerlogo1Lawyers harnessing the power of social media to build their personal brands often butt heads with law firm leaders and marketing professionals looking to grow the firm’s brand. Many law firms would rather hold on to tradition and routine so as not to ruffle feathers than to empower and support young rainmakers looking to use … Continue Reading

Can law firm CMO’s ignore becoming influential on Twitter?

Law firm leaders on TwitterGeneral Electric, SAP, Salesforce, General Mills, Cisco, Gap, and Dell are just some of the major companies whose CMO’s are taking a center stage on Twitter for the sake of their companies–and their personal brands. This from Forbe’s Jennifer Rooney (@jenny_rooney) reporting on the most influential CMO’s on Twitter. It turns out the most influential … Continue Reading

Helping others may be all it takes to market via social media

Help OthersLawyers and law firms struggle with how to use social media for marketing and business development. Ironically, using social media effectively may just require helping clients and others in your community. Orange County IP lawyer, Sandra Thompson (@PatentDoc), shared yesterday that helping others goes a long way in social media. First, help your clients. You … Continue Reading

“Buy Legal Services Now” on Twitter

20140701-152028-55228552.jpgDon’t laugh. Buying legal services with the click of a button on Twitter is upon us. Mashable’s Kurt Wagner (@kurtwagner8) reports that shopping within your Twitter Timeline is not far off. A new “Buy now” button appeared on multiple tweets Monday, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site. The button … Continue Reading

Facebook still reigns among teens

Facebook for lawyersEvery time I mention the potential of Facebook, I hear that Facebook is on the decline, that younger people are no longer using Facebook. Not the case. Per Derek Thompson (@DKThomp), a senior editor at The Atlantic, aside from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) are the most popular social networks in the country … Continue Reading

What’s the difference between content marketing and social media?

content marketing lawyersContent marketing has been around for centuries while social, including blogging, represents a new medium that has never existed before. Kind of ironic in that many law firms, lawyers, and marketing professionals are couching content marketing as something new, and even an offshoot of social media. Marketing consultant and best selling author, Jay Baer (@jaybaer), … Continue Reading

8 reasons LinkedIn publishing is not going to kill law blogs

law blogs linkedIn publishingI remember having a “mini heart attack” in 2006 when Google migrated the Blogger blog publishing service it had acquired onto Google’s servers and incorporated Blogger into Google’s main menu. How were independent law blogs going to survive? Blogger blogs would appear higher in search. Blogger blogs would get more traffic. Blogger blogs were going … Continue Reading

Two legal companies doing Twitter the right away

Twitter legal companies law firmsIf I see a Tweet like the above, I feel pretty good. And why not? LexisNexis (@LexisNexis) is a multi-billion dollar company with over 20,000 Twitter followers — including executives in their parent company, Reed Elsevier, most LexisNexis employees, and a who’s who in the legal profession. We all have a little ego. We all … Continue Reading

Where’s the cash?

Money for social media influenceThe well-followed on social media are cashing in on their influence Jenna Wortham (@jennydeluxe) reports in a New York Times story this morning. Brands and advertisers, looking for ways to reach audiences beyond television screens and magazine pages, are turning to people with many followers on social media and paying them to pitch products online. … Continue Reading

Who’s behind that law firm tweet or Facebook post? Best not be automated

Twitter and Facebook for law firmsLike law firms, news organizations struggle with the return on investment question when it comes to social media. One specific question for news organizations has been whether personally crafting tweets and Facebook entries is worth the effort? Why not automate the social sharing? Event after event, post after post, I see law firm marketing people … Continue Reading