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Two legal companies doing Twitter the right away

If I see a Tweet like the above, I feel pretty good. And why not? LexisNexis (@LexisNexis) is a multi-billion dollar company with over 20,000 Twitter followers — including executives in their parent company, Reed Elsevier, most LexisNexis employees, and a who’s who in the legal profession. We all have a little ego. We all… Continue Reading

Where’s the cash?

The well-followed on social media are cashing in on their influence Jenna Wortham (@jennydeluxe) reports in a New York Times story this morning. Brands and advertisers, looking for ways to reach audiences beyond television screens and magazine pages, are turning to people with many followers on social media and paying them to pitch products online…. Continue Reading

Are we too afraid?

I ran across an article from PC Advisor’s Ashleigh Allsopp (@AshleighAllsopp) this morning on how you can permanently delete your Facebook account. Though there was mention that one may want to delete their account because of distractions, the focus appeared to me to be helping those who wanted to delete their Facebook permanently because of… Continue Reading

Facebook is not for auto-posting : It’s for engagement

I am beginning to use Facebook a fair amount to discuss things I’m passionate about. As with most people, I am passionate about personal things (my family at a Mariners’ game) and professional things (why legal executives ought to use social). I’m noticing lawyers and other legal professionals automatically posting items to Facebook with no… Continue Reading

Vatican : You’re fishing in the aquarium if not using social media

As reported by David Gibson (@gibsonwrites), the Vatican’s chief media strategist, Archbishop Claudio Celli, says the Catholic Church cannot ignore the opportunities presented by social media. In our church we are always fishing inside the aquarium, and we forget that most fish are outside the aquarium. Unless the church engages social media, we will wind… Continue Reading

Are we seeing the death of law firm homepages?

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson (@DKThomp) reports that The New York Times lost 80 million homepage visitors—half the traffic to the nytimes.com page—in two years. This is the clearest illustration of the demise of homepages I’ve seen. …News used to be a destination, and you would go find it on your driveway and in your browser…. Continue Reading

Social media is not about knowing how to use the platforms

This from Joseph Neusu (@joseneusu), a digital marketing specialist from Johannesburg, South Africa. Many brands have finally caught the buzz and have adopted social media marketing in one form or the other. However, many of them have also fallen into the trap of assuming that social media is all about knowing how to use the… Continue Reading

Pinterest becoming a search company ala Google?

Maybe not for text search, but visual search. Pinterest just raised $200 million in venture capital money at a $5 billion valuation. That brings the total amount raised by the social network to $764 million. The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Eric Van Susteren (@SVBizEric) reports that investors are betting on Pinterest becoming big in search… Continue Reading

Mobile and social are drivers for law blog discovery

Quantcast released a report this week which demonstrates how the growth of mobile devices has impacted online publishers – not just their traffic – but also how consumers are finding their content. The impact is dramatic. In the US, traffic from mobile devices has grown from 1% of all web traffic in 2009, to 18%… Continue Reading

Can you quit Facebook?

Yesterday a lawyer friend of mine – on Facebook and in real life – announced she was shutting down her Facebook account for good. Like others, she could not accept Facebook’s invasion on her privacy, data mining, and selecting which of her posts friends would see based on algorithms. Perhaps a little callous, but I… Continue Reading

Posting your blog posts to Facebook?

Can you share business insight and commentary on Facebook? Should you? I intend to find out. I have been Facebook friends with First Amendment and media lawyer, Bruce Johnson (@BEHJ), and law professor and Internet/IP lawyer, Eric Goldman (@ericgoldman) for years. Their legal insight and commentary draws a lot of engagement in likes and comments…. Continue Reading

Lawyers racing to nowhere in online business development?

A reporter asked me this morning what’s the number one mistake lawyers are making when it comes to the Internet. They’re going too fast, was my response. Lawyers want instant gratification when it comes to online marketing and business development. How many followers do I have? Where do I rank in the search engines? How… Continue Reading

Listening is the key to getting clients on a shoestring

The CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes (@invoker), shares that during the first few years of his company, they spent literally no money on marketing, PR, or advertising. Hootsuite couldn’t afford it so they bootstrapped. I can relate to no marketing, PR, or advertising. LexBlog’s out of the garage budget didn’t have a line item for… Continue Reading