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8 reasons LinkedIn publishing is not going to kill law blogs

law blogs linkedIn publishingI remember having a “mini heart attack” in 2006 when Google migrated the Blogger blog publishing service it had acquired onto Google’s servers and incorporated Blogger into Google’s main menu. How were independent law blogs going to survive? Blogger blogs would appear higher in search. Blogger blogs would get more traffic. Blogger blogs were going … Continue Reading

Two legal companies doing Twitter the right away

Twitter legal companies law firmsIf I see a Tweet like the above, I feel pretty good. And why not? LexisNexis (@LexisNexis) is a multi-billion dollar company with over 20,000 Twitter followers — including executives in their parent company, Reed Elsevier, most LexisNexis employees, and a who’s who in the legal profession. We all have a little ego. We all … Continue Reading

Where’s the cash?

Money for social media influenceThe well-followed on social media are cashing in on their influence Jenna Wortham (@jennydeluxe) reports in a New York Times story this morning. Brands and advertisers, looking for ways to reach audiences beyond television screens and magazine pages, are turning to people with many followers on social media and paying them to pitch products online. … Continue Reading

Who’s behind that law firm tweet or Facebook post? Best not be automated

Twitter and Facebook for law firmsLike law firms, news organizations struggle with the return on investment question when it comes to social media. One specific question for news organizations has been whether personally crafting tweets and Facebook entries is worth the effort? Why not automate the social sharing? Event after event, post after post, I see law firm marketing people … Continue Reading

Are we too afraid?

lawyer privacy social mediaI ran across an article from PC Advisor’s Ashleigh Allsopp (@AshleighAllsopp) this morning on how you can permanently delete your Facebook account. Though there was mention that one may want to delete their account because of distractions, the focus appeared to me to be helping those who wanted to delete their Facebook permanently because of … Continue Reading

Facebook is not for auto-posting : It’s for engagement

Facebook for lawyers is a conversationI am beginning to use Facebook a fair amount to discuss things I’m passionate about. As with most people, I am passionate about personal things (my family at a Mariners’ game) and professional things (why legal executives ought to use social). I’m noticing lawyers and other legal professionals automatically posting items to Facebook with no … Continue Reading

Vatican : You’re fishing in the aquarium if not using social media

Vatican social media messageAs reported by David Gibson (@gibsonwrites), the Vatican’s chief media strategist, Archbishop Claudio Celli, says the Catholic Church cannot ignore the opportunities presented by social media. In our church we are always fishing inside the aquarium, and we forget that most fish are outside the aquarium. Unless the church engages social media, we will wind … Continue Reading

Can you quit Facebook?

Quit Facebook as lawyerYesterday a lawyer friend of mine – on Facebook and in real life – announced she was shutting down her Facebook account for good. Like others, she could not accept Facebook’s invasion on her privacy, data mining, and selecting which of her posts friends would see based on algorithms. Perhaps a little callous, but I … Continue Reading

Posting your blog posts to Facebook?

Publish blog posts to FacebookCan you share business insight and commentary on Facebook? Should you? I intend to find out. I have been Facebook friends with First Amendment and media lawyer, Bruce Johnson (@BEHJ), and law professor and Internet/IP lawyer, Eric Goldman (@ericgoldman) for years. Their legal insight and commentary draws a lot of engagement in likes and comments. … Continue Reading

Could Facebook be the future of news?

Facebook as sources of newsI remember a few years ago when I heard that 45% of Americans were getting news on Facebook. I thought it sheer insanity. Facebook was for idle chit chat and gossip, wasn’t it? No more. Facebook’s newsfeed is getting smarter and smarter writes Anthony Wing Kosner (@akosner), a tech contributor to Forbes. This end-of-Facebook talk … Continue Reading

Social media provides opportunity for lawyers to connect with the 85% who don’t use lawyers.

social media connect lawyers to peopleLawyers are not relevant to the vast majority of people with a legal need. This from legal industry analyst, Jordan Furlong (@jordan_law21). With a few exceptions (principally criminal defence work), lawyers are simply not relevant to 80% to 85% of all individuals and businesses with legal issues. We’re off the table: we’re briefly considered and … Continue Reading

Relationship building, not networking, ought be your aim on social media

relationships versus networkingToronto social media marketer, Mahfuz Chowdhury (@cmahfuz) had a nice piece on LinkedIn this week on why your social media networking may not be working. You’re “networking,” as opposed to “relationship building.” Picture doing this at a networking event, says Chowdhury. You immediately start searching for potential customers and approach them with your well-prepared elevator … Continue Reading

Will we see the death of traditional media for law firm influence?

Media institutions law firmsPolitico’s media blogger, Dylan Byers (@dylanbyers), is predicting the death of the Sunday morning news shows that for decades have set the tone in American politics. The public affairs shows — “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation” and “This Week” — used to set the agenda for the nation’s capital with their news-making interviews and … Continue Reading

Your new Twitter profile is available and waiting

New Twitter ProfileLogging into Twitter on your desktop you’ll be prompted to begin using the new Twitter profile. Twitter has been rolling the new profiles to select users over the last month plus. Today, the new web profile experience is being rolling out to all users. What’s new about the profile? With an assist from Kevan Lee at Buffer … Continue Reading