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Is Ello something — or not?

ello for lawyersNow that the social network, Ello, has raised $6 million in venture capital, $5.5 million of which was announced today, you can expect to start hearing a lot more about it. Ello has been billed by some as the anti-Facebook in that it claims not to leverage users’ data in any way. Ello’s said it … Continue Reading

Facebook becoming essential for law blog distribution

law blog distribution on FacebookWhen we founded LexBlog blog posts were delivered directly to readers via RSS feeds, email subscription, and users bookmarking blogs, in addition to Google searches. Fast forward 11 years and Facebook, with Google, dominates media distribution. Readers are no longer receiving blogs directly. Blog posts are being distributed socially. From Frédéric Filloux (@filloux), general manager … Continue Reading

Do general counsel understand how blogging and social media build relationships?

lawyers attorney social networkFollowing tweets from the Legal Marketing Tech Conference in San Francisco (‪#‎lmatech‬) this AM, I got the sense that general counsel for companies valued relationships first when they select lawyers and law firms, but questioned the value of lawyers using blogs and other social media for business development. Seems like a disconnect. Blogs and other … Continue Reading

Publish your law blog for social and mobile, not for your blog site

Publish law blog social mobileWhen publishing a blog you need to consider how people are consuming your content. Today, content moves socially and it’s viewed on mobile devices. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have browsers built into their mobile apps or provide for the seamless display of a browser as a window in their app. That’s where your blog content … Continue Reading

Putting Social Media to Work for You : ABA Webinar on Friday

ABA social media WebinarI have the pleasure of presenting at an ABA Webinar on social media this Friday. I’ll be joined by Nicole Black (@nikiblack), Director of Business Development at MyCase and a widely recognized authority on social media. We’ll cover social media principals, blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The focus will be embracing what is now ubiquitous … Continue Reading

ROR — Return on Relationships is how to measure social media

Relationships ROI social mediaHow does your law firm measure return on investment on social media? Likes, comments, followers, traffic or analytics? Big mistake. Good lawyers get their work from relationships and word of mouth. When measuring return on social media, measure with reputation and relationships in mind. Kristin Andree (@andreemedia), a marketing strategist and former director in the … Continue Reading

With iOS app, SlideShare a more valuable social sharing tool for law firms

slideshareAs The Next Web’s Josh Ong reported on Thursday, LinkedIn has released an iOS app for SlideShare, a first for LinkedIn’s presentation service. SlideShare is slide hosting service where users can upload files privately or publicly as PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote presentations. Slide decks can then be viewed on the site itself or embedded on … Continue Reading

Facebook to court law blog networks?

Facebook blog publishersFor many publishers Facebook and other social media have become a more important driver of traffic than Google. In the case of Facebook, as reported by Digiday’s John McDermott (@mcdermott), it’s not soley because of changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed more prominently featuring publishers’ stories. …[T]here’s a human component to Facebook’s recent embrace of the publishing … Continue Reading

New York Court rules Facebook may be used for service

Facebook law blogSocial media is establishing itself as an effective and reliable means of communication in this country. Even on legal matters. A New York Family Court Magistrate has ruled that a Staten Island man may use Facebook to serve his ex-wife legal notice that his child support payments should cease upon his son turning 21. Per … Continue Reading

Google authorship may not be dead after all

Google authorshipFollowing Google’s announcement that they would no longer be displaying authors in search results we all thought Google authorship was dead. Me included. Internet marketing strategist, Pam Aungst (@PamAnnMarketing) writes this week that Authorship may not be dead after all. As way of background, Google Authorship enabled blog authors to connect the blog posts they … Continue Reading

Websites don’t generate business for law firms

law firm websitesThat’s the word from Lee Rosen (@leerosen), a North Carolina family law attorney and widely respected nationally in the areas of law firm management and marketing. Despite website vendors telling lawyers that their website will work like a money machine, your website only makes you findable, per Rosen. “It doesn’t cause anyone to go looking … Continue Reading

Lawyers turn to social media and blogging for professional development

lawyers social media professional developmentI was on a phone call recently with a major publisher discussing social media programs for lawyers. She asked in addition to the business development aspects of social media if lawyers were using social media for professional development. Great question on her part. Lawyers do use social media for professional development and they are not … Continue Reading