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8 reasons LinkedIn publishing is not going to kill law blogs

I remember having a “mini heart attack” in 2006 when Google migrated the Blogger blog publishing service it had acquired onto Google’s servers and incorporated Blogger into Google’s main menu. How were independent law blogs going to survive? Blogger blogs would appear higher in search. Blogger blogs would get more traffic. Blogger blogs were going… Continue Reading

5 LinkedIn privacy tips every lawyer should know

Elyse Hackney (@ecoopers), a customer success executive at Hearsay Social, recently shared 5 LinkedIn privacy tips for financial advisors. After I shared her tips on Twitter, Hackney was kind enough to allow me to share, liberally, her advice with you. Like financial services, the legal profession places a premium on privacy. At the same time, lawyers ought not… Continue Reading

Flaws in LinkedIn publishing platform apt to limit benefits for professionals

The Washington Post’s Sarah Halzak (@sarahhalzack) reports that with its launch of a new feature that allows LinkedIn members to publish blog-post-style content, LinkedIn is hoping to become the virtual town square for professionals to publish, read, and network. I don’t disagree with Ryan Roslansky (@ryos), LinkedIn’s head of content products, who told Halzak: That’s… Continue Reading

A farm team for Influencers? LinkedIn’s open publishing platform

That’s how ReadWrite’s Owen Thomas (@owenthomas) describes LinkedIn’s expansion of its personal publishing platform from a hand selected group of business professionals described as “Influencers.” Thomas’ description is a far cry from re/code’s Mike Iassac’s (@mikeissac) proclamation this morning that with LinkedIn’s publishing tools everyone is now a professional blogger. LinkedIn’s Ryan Roslansky (@ryos) shared… Continue Reading

Take your law blog on the road to LinkedIn

If you’re like me, you are seeing much more engagement of your blog posts on other social networks than on your blog itself. Rather than your network commenting on your blog ‘on your blog’ they’re commenting on your blog posts elsewhere. First off, law blogs have always gotten few, if any, comments for a number… Continue Reading

LinkedIn’s new Showcase Pages perfect fit for law firm practice groups

LinkedIn’s Monetization Product Manager, Aviad Pinkovezky, announced this morning the addition of Showcase Pages. Company pages are excellent for portraying a company as a whole, but what about  a brand, a business unit, or an initiative? Showcase Pages enable companies to create dedicated pages within LinkedIn that highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the… Continue Reading

Reinventing LinkedIn for iPad : A step forward or backward?

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner announced Wednesday morning that the future of LinkedIn is mobile. With 38% of LinkedIn’s unique visitors now coming from mobile, Weiner and company announced LinkedIn ‘Intro’ incorporating profiles into iOS email and major upgrades for its iPad and iPhone apps. I am a big mobile user — and a heavy LinkedIn… Continue Reading

LinkedIn drives more traffic to law firm websites than all other social media combined

Need motivation to complete your firm’s company page on LinkedIn and to get your lawyers using LinkedIn? Here it is. LinkedIn generates more traffic for corporate websites than all the other social platforms combined. This per an Investis IQ Audience Insight Report (pdf). Steve Rayson (@steverayson), cofounder of an e-learning provider and B2B marketing professional, provides a… Continue Reading

How to optimize your law firm’s LinkedIn company page

Kate McKinney and Kiran Ross of K2Media (@k2mediakc) had a great piece in the Kansas City Business Journal this morning on maximizing your LinkedIn profile. Covered optimizing your personal and company profiles as well as tips on increasing your authority. With company profiles not discussed as much as individual profiles, I thought their insight on… Continue Reading

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates an opportunity for law firms

LinkedIn announced today the introduction of ‘Sponsored Updates,’ allowing publishers to pay to get their media seen ala the sponsored updates on Facebook. From LinkedIn’s Vice President of Product Management, David Hahn: Marketers are increasingly leveraging content to inform, educate, and inspire their current and prospective customers. But the high quality content they’ve produced –… Continue Reading

LinkedIn Endorsements–value or noise?

Matt Asay (@mjasay), VP, Business Development & Corporate Strategy at 10gen, is a little skeptical on the value of Linked Endorsements. LinkedIn Endorsements may be the fastest-growing new product launch in the history of LinkedIn, but it is also arguably the most pointless. Launched as a lightweight way to recommend colleagues so as to boost… Continue Reading

LinkedIn as a media company?

Eliza Kern (@elizakern) of GigaOm wrote yesterday that data is the reason LinkedIn wants to be a media company. Talent Solutions (recruiting) and premium subscriptions make up almost 80% of LinkedIn’s revenue, so why the desire to grow the content areas such as LinkedIn Today (curated news) and Influencers (thought leader blog posts)? To grow… Continue Reading