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3 more reasons law bloggers should use Google+

Technology writer, Sohail Qaisar, wrapping up a piece on the debate between Google’s Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin’s on the impact of Google+ on search shared three good reasons bloggers ought to be using Google+. Here’s the three, with a little annotating by me. Faster post indexing. Google+ is used by Google to discover … Continue Reading

Six tips for lawyers new to Google+

I am starting to see items I share and discuss on Google+ rank higher in Google search than my blog posts in which I discuss the same matter. Perhaps that’s Google’s goal in driving the growth of what is now the second largest social network, trailing only Facebook. I acknowledge Google+ is new and represents … Continue Reading

Google+ at 2 years old: Where are we?

Two years ago last Friday Google introduced its social network, Google+. Mashable’s Christina Warren (@film_girl) provides a good assessment of Google+ at two years in saying it’s gone from “Facebook killer to ghost town to something else” Make no mistake, however, two years in, Google+ is most definitely a social network. There are more than 500 … Continue Reading

Google Authorship a big plus for blogging lawyers

Google+’s Google Authorship feature allows you to link connect you publish on the Internet to your Google+ profile. The concept of linking content and peoples’ reaction to your contact (sharing) is perfect for lawyers. Growing your influence as a niche online publisher enhances your reputation as a trusted and reliable authority. Google Authorship grows your … Continue Reading

Google+ no longer a virtual ghost town

Google+ grew 27% last month to 343-million active users. Per Steven Vaughan-Nichols (@sjvn) of ZDNet, Facebook is still the top social network by a wide margin, but Google+ has moved into second place among Internet users globally. Citing a GlobalWebIndex study, Vaughan-Nichols reports Facebook has almost 700-million active users. The research group defines active users … Continue Reading

Is your law firm using Google+? It ought to be.

Is your law firm taking Google+ lightly? You could be making a mistake. Look at the Google+ stats that Jane Susskind (@JaneSusskind), Director of Social Media at Creative Round, pulled from pulled from Brian Honigman’s (@BrianHonigman) “2012 Social Media Statistics and Figures.” 625,000 people join Google+ every day. Those who use Google+, use it a … Continue Reading