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Google authorship may not be dead after all

Google authorshipFollowing Google’s announcement that they would no longer be displaying authors in search results we all thought Google authorship was dead. Me included. Internet marketing strategist, Pam Aungst (@PamAnnMarketing) writes this week that Authorship may not be dead after all. As way of background, Google Authorship enabled blog authors to connect the blog posts they … Continue Reading

Google authorship eliminated

Google authorshipIn a post by John Mueller (@JohnMu) a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, Google announced it was eliminating Google Authorship. If you have any doubt about Authorship being eliminated in entirety, read the discussion in the comments to Mueller’s post. Google Authorship enabled blog authors to connect the blog posts they published to their Google+ … Continue Reading

3 more reasons law bloggers should use Google+

Technology writer, Sohail Qaisar, wrapping up a piece on the debate between Google’s Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin’s on the impact of Google+ on search shared three good reasons bloggers ought to be using Google+. Here’s the three, with a little annotating by me. Faster post indexing. Google+ is used by Google to discover … Continue Reading

Six tips for lawyers new to Google+

I am starting to see items I share and discuss on Google+ rank higher in Google search than my blog posts in which I discuss the same matter. Perhaps that’s Google’s goal in driving the growth of what is now the second largest social network, trailing only Facebook. I acknowledge Google+ is new and represents … Continue Reading

Google+ at 2 years old: Where are we?

Two years ago last Friday Google introduced its social network, Google+. Mashable’s Christina Warren (@film_girl) provides a good assessment of Google+ at two years in saying it’s gone from “Facebook killer to ghost town to something else” Make no mistake, however, two years in, Google+ is most definitely a social network. There are more than 500 … Continue Reading

Google Authorship a big plus for blogging lawyers

Google+’s Google Authorship feature allows you to link connect you publish on the Internet to your Google+ profile. The concept of linking content and peoples’ reaction to your contact (sharing) is perfect for lawyers. Growing your influence as a niche online publisher enhances your reputation as a trusted and reliable authority. Google Authorship grows your … Continue Reading

Google+ no longer a virtual ghost town

Google+ grew 27% last month to 343-million active users. Per Steven Vaughan-Nichols (@sjvn) of ZDNet, Facebook is still the top social network by a wide margin, but Google+ has moved into second place among Internet users globally. Citing a GlobalWebIndex study, Vaughan-Nichols reports Facebook has almost 700-million active users. The research group defines active users … Continue Reading

Is your law firm using Google+? It ought to be.

Is your law firm taking Google+ lightly? You could be making a mistake. Look at the Google+ stats that Jane Susskind (@JaneSusskind), Director of Social Media at Creative Round, pulled from pulled from Brian Honigman’s (@BrianHonigman) “2012 Social Media Statistics and Figures.” 625,000 people join Google+ every day. Those who use Google+, use it a … Continue Reading