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Will we see the death of traditional media for law firm influence?

Politico’s media blogger, Dylan Byers (@dylanbyers), is predicting the death of the Sunday morning news shows that for decades have set the tone in American politics. The public affairs shows — “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation” and “This Week” — used to set the agenda for the nation’s capital with their news-making interviews and… Continue Reading

Your new Twitter profile is available and waiting

Logging into Twitter on your desktop you’ll be prompted to begin using the new Twitter profile. Twitter has been rolling the new profiles to select users over the last month plus. Today, the new web profile experience is being rolling out to all users. What’s new about the profile? With an assist from Kevan Lee at Buffer… Continue Reading

5 LinkedIn privacy tips every lawyer should know

Elyse Hackney (@ecoopers), a customer success executive at Hearsay Social, recently shared 5 LinkedIn privacy tips for financial advisors. After I shared her tips on Twitter, Hackney was kind enough to allow me to share, liberally, her advice with you. Like financial services, the legal profession places a premium on privacy. At the same time, lawyers ought not… Continue Reading

Want referrals as a lawyer? Start socializing online

Far too many lawyers see blogging and other social media as way to garner personal attention and traffic to their websites. A couple posts in the last week brought home the real power of social media  and social networking for lawyers – relationships and referrals. The first post was from Rocket Matter’s Tim Baran (@tim_baran) who… Continue Reading

Legal social media may trump traditional reporting and peer review

“When people say, “Information on Twitter can be unreliable,” they overlook one of Twitter data’s most unique attributes — its ability to verify itself.” This from Dataminr’s Ted Bailey (@tedbailey) reporting that Twitter confirmed the Harlem explosion first. When looking at a single tweet from an unfamiliar source, it can sometimes be difficult to be… Continue Reading

Getting followers on Twitter : What’s a lawyer to do?

An Ohio lawyer thanked me Saturday, via Twitter, for my words of encouragement on using Twitter as a lawyer. Just beginning her use of Twitter, she had 22 followers. She had seen my post that lawyers, by and large, have more followers on Twitter than other Twitter account holders. 100 followers puts a lawyer at… Continue Reading

Legal vendors miss opportunities to reach customers via blogs and social media

Why don’t companies selling legal solutions and products take greater advantage of connecting with potential customers through the Internet? Walking through the exhibit halls at ALM’s LegalTech last month I couldn’t help but think of the opportunities that the exhibitors were missing in connecting with their target customers via blogging and social media. Our LexBlog… Continue Reading

Flaws in LinkedIn publishing platform apt to limit benefits for professionals

The Washington Post’s Sarah Halzak (@sarahhalzack) reports that with its launch of a new feature that allows LinkedIn members to publish blog-post-style content, LinkedIn is hoping to become the virtual town square for professionals to publish, read, and network. I don’t disagree with Ryan Roslansky (@ryos), LinkedIn’s head of content products, who told Halzak: That’s… Continue Reading

Gated and walled communities for lawyers versus the open net

Bob Ambrogi (@bobambrogi) writes this morning, “Another Day, Another Social Network for Lawyers.” Ambrogi’s post was prompted by the launch yesterday of Foxwordy, self billed as the first private social network for lawyers. Referencing LegalOnRamp’s launch six years ago, Ambrogi pointed out that Foxwordy is not the first attempt at a ‘by invitation’ private network… Continue Reading

Learning to blog and use social media requires making mistakes

LinkedIn asked Mashable founder and CEO, Pete Cashmore (@petecashmore), for his best advice to fellow business people. Make mistakes, your own mistakes answered Cashmore. As an entrepreneur in my early 20s, I believed in the mantra, “Don’t take advice; make your own mistakes.” I still believe in part of this — guess which part? Every… Continue Reading