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Paris attacks demonstrate the relevance of social media

flag-of-franceSocial media became our means of communicating and getting information following Friday’s terrorist attacks—not only for Parisians, but for people around the world. People were more apt to turn to Twitter, especially its new “Moments” feature, than traditional news sources, on or offline. People with a smartphone near the seen of the attacks became instantaneous … Continue Reading

Facebook referral traffic plummets. Ought lawyers worry?

Facebook lawyersThough referral traffic from Facebook to third party sites may be plummeting, lawyers using Facebook may have little to worry about. As reported over the weekend by Lucia Moses of Digiday, referral traffic (desktop + mobile) to the top 30 Facebook publishers plunged 32 percent from January to October. The bigger the publisher, the heavier … Continue Reading

Do you share your law firm’s publications on Facebook?

Facebook for lawyersLaw firms produce an awful lot of content. Blogs, newsletters, mini-sites, alerts, you name it. Though some bloggers have built a healthy list of RSS subscribers, most law firm publications are distributed to users by Google search, email subscription and, in the case of larger law firms, distribution services. Law firms may be missing an … Continue Reading

You want to get nuts? Foxwordy takes nuts to a new level

Foxowrdy nutty claimA couple weeks ago, Foxwordy, a new social network for lawyers, apparently banned bloggers from joining. A couple days later it turned out Foxwordy was only blocking some bloggers, including me when I tried to log in. Last week, Attorney and tech columnist, Bob Ambrogi,  called out Foxwordy for its “Bald-Faced Lie” in marketing themselves … Continue Reading

Blab et al

Blab social network for lawyersI ran across something called yesterday afternoon in an online exchange among legal professionals. Seeing that it was some sort of video conferencing app similar to Google Hangouts, I asked on Facebook if anyone had heard of Blab, had used it and how it compared to Hangouts. Samantha Collier, a social media consultant to … Continue Reading


Nascar social media share law firm websitesWhy do law firms include social network badges across all the pages on their websites? Home page, practice areas, lawyer bio’s, office locations and what have you. It looks like the firm has a sponsorship deal where the social networks are paying the firm to display the logos. The logos, of course, are share buttons … Continue Reading

Lawyers ignoring the power of social to connect with people

Social media to connectThe power of social media to connect people was on full display Thursday. Facebook brought us the Republican debate along with Fox. Facebook users’ questions were be played live by video and read by moderators. Facebook ran pages sharing live debate updates with comments from users. Americans is probably a better descriptor than “users.” We’re … Continue Reading