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90% of Facebook’s regular users access it on mobile

FCWBOOK MOBILE TRAFFICPublishing on a non-mobile blog? You may want to think again. The Next Web’s Napier Lopez (@napilopez) reported yesterday that 90% of Facebook’s daily active users access it via mobile. Facebook just released financial results for Q4 of 2015, and one number starts out in particular: 934 million mobile daily active users (DAUs). Sure, 0.9 … Continue Reading

Are your law firm’s leaders using Facebook to engage younger professionals?

Law firms FacebookLaw firm managing partners and other law firm leaders are largely absent from Facebook — at least as a means of connecting and engaging with younger professionals. Younger profesdionals including lawyers and other legal professionals at their firm. Perhaps not the perfect example, but Cambodian journalist, Bopha Phorn (@bophaphorn) reports that 63-year old Cambodian Prime … Continue Reading

LinkedIn new mobile app increasing referral traffic to blogs

LinkedIn referral trafficI shared earlier this week that third party publishers, including bloggers, are seeing a big jump in referral traffic from LinkedIn. By sharing their posts in status updates, as opposed to publishing on LinkedIn, third party publishers are getting their posts seen in LinkedIn’s content curator, Pulse, and in LinkedIn users’ feeds. The Business Insider’s … Continue Reading

Increasing Twitter to 10,000 characters feels like a mistake

Long form tweetsRumored for sometime, Re/code’s Kurt Wagner (@kurtwagner8) now reports Twitter is going to raise its character limit for tweets to 10,000 characters. Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to tweet things longer than the traditional 140-character limit, and the company is targeting a launch date toward the end of Q1, according to multiple sources … Continue Reading

Paris attacks demonstrate the relevance of social media

flag-of-franceSocial media became our means of communicating and getting information following Friday’s terrorist attacks—not only for Parisians, but for people around the world. People were more apt to turn to Twitter, especially its new “Moments” feature, than traditional news sources, on or offline. People with a smartphone near the seen of the attacks became instantaneous … Continue Reading

Facebook referral traffic plummets. Ought lawyers worry?

Facebook lawyersThough referral traffic from Facebook to third party sites may be plummeting, lawyers using Facebook may have little to worry about. As reported over the weekend by Lucia Moses of Digiday, referral traffic (desktop + mobile) to the top 30 Facebook publishers plunged 32 percent from January to October. The bigger the publisher, the heavier … Continue Reading

Do you share your law firm’s publications on Facebook?

Facebook for lawyersLaw firms produce an awful lot of content. Blogs, newsletters, mini-sites, alerts, you name it. Though some bloggers have built a healthy list of RSS subscribers, most law firm publications are distributed to users by Google search, email subscription and, in the case of larger law firms, distribution services. Law firms may be missing an … Continue Reading