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Good law blogs losing traffic from Google?

social media referrals to blogsWell not losing traffic, but just seeing the percentage of over all viewers coming from Google dropping. The percentage of viewers coming to my blog from Google has dropped 28% in the last year. In January of 2014 almost 57% percent of viewers came from search, or Google. This last month, it’s dropped to 41%. … Continue Reading

Facebook dumps Bing. Are we looking at the next Google?

Facebook searchAs reported over the weekend by Reuters’ Alexei Oreskovic (@lexnfx), Facebook has stopped including results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine on its social networking site. The move comes as Facebook introduces Monday a search tool allowing users to search across comments and other information posted by their friends on Facebook. As Oreskovic explains, Facebook search … Continue Reading

Is SEO dead?

20140722-215636-78996002.jpgOther than good content, good title tags, good site architecture, site speed, and engaging others via content to generate organic links to my blog, I never worried much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Years later when I search for terms relevant to LexBlog’s business, my blog and our website are always at the top of … Continue Reading

Does Google change in search effect law firm SEO?

With an update called Hummingbird, Google has made the biggest change to its search algorithm since 2000, The New York Times Claire Caine Miller (@clairecm) reported this week. As opposed to matching keywords, Google will focus more on trying to understand the meanings of phrases in a query and relationships among things. The update, already … Continue Reading

Improve blog SEO with short URLs

Search results may not be the be all and end all for good law blogs, but all things being equal you want your posts to be found when someone searches the subject on which you’ve written a post. Raelene Wilson (@raewilsonwrites), a writer for, the leading source of WordPress news and information, writes that … Continue Reading

Social now most important factor for high search results

Social is now the most important Google search ranking factor, per online marketing specialist, Jeff Woelker (@jeffwoelker). Woelker cites an in-depth study by Search Metrics which found Seven of the top eight factors associated with high search rankings social in nature. I know, it sounds counterintuitive to what we’ve been hearing for years. From keywords, … Continue Reading

Social media will soon drive more traffic to law firm websites than search engines

Law firms looking to draw traffic to their websites and blogs will want to move on from SEO to social media. Technology journalist, Ben Weitzenkor (@benkwx), reports in Entrepreneur Magazine that social media may soon drive more traffic to websites than search engines. Last year, half of all internet users ages 18 to 23, and … Continue Reading

Do law firms worry needlessly about SEO?

It may by viewed as blasphemy to raise this question. Legal marketing companies may disparage LexBlog and I for my seemingly discounting SEO. But I am serious. This morning Lydia Bednerik (@lydiabednerik), Marketing Director at Oakland law firm Wendel Rosen, shared on Facebook a post about black hat SEO techniques still working. To her credit, … Continue Reading

Should a blogging lawyer care about SEO?

The Atlantic’s web audience has jumped from 500,000 to 13.4 million monthly visitors since taking down its paywall in early 2008. How so? Not because of SEO. The Atlantic’s online success has come from having insightful columnists and capitalizing on the importance of social networks and social media. This per Mashable’s Associate Editor, Lauren Indvik (@laureni), in … Continue Reading

Making rain

I’m sitting in the back of my local coffee shop this morning. It’s a good place to work on the weekend. No one talks of matters that make up my time in the office or traveling. This morning though the next table is abuzz of SEO, analytics, and keywords related to a law practice. I … Continue Reading

Former Google Exec : Social networks are killing Google search

Former Google executive Stafford Masie (@staffordmasie) believes that traditional search is dying because users are choosing to query their friends and followers on services like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This in an interview with Emil Protalinski (@EmilProtalinski) of ZD Net. It’s not that Google is dead, it’s just that many people are turning to social … Continue Reading

How not to disappear from search results by generating positive word of mouth in social media

North Carolina Divorce Attorney, Lee Rosen (@leerosen), points out that lawyers are going to disappear from search engines if they don’t get people to talk about them in social media. Rosen knows too well the importance of search, especially for lawyers in personal plight areas of the law (divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, et al). Ranking … Continue Reading

Google advances social search with Search, plus your World

News broke yesterday of Google’s implementation of a new search feature called ‘Search, plus your World.’ The concept is to supplement your standard Google search results with results of items your friends have shared or highlighted that are relevant to your search. Google wants to transform search from not only understanding content, but also understanding … Continue Reading

Good law blog content trumps SEO

How can good law blogs published by lawyers who don’t know about SEO (search engine optimization) rank well? The answer comes from Matt Cutts, who works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues. And it’s simple. Good content. From a recent video on the subject, here’s Cutts key points. … Continue Reading