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Streamline your content monitoring and social shares with Feedly

This is a guest post from Paul Wickler, one of LexBlog’s Account Managers. Previously with Thomson Reuters and a creative agency partnering with XBox, Paul now works with LexBlog clients on blogging and social media strategies.  Feel overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible task of trying to keep up with everything you need to keep track… Continue Reading

Feedly dominates post-Google Reader world

Technology journalist and lawyer, Derrick Harris (@derrickharris), shares that Feedly is dominating the post Google Reader world. Feedly is crushing everyone else trying to filling the gaping void left after Google killed its Reader product. It’s also becoming a significant driver of traffic overall, ranking No. 14 in Parse.ly’s top 30 list and producing more than… Continue Reading

Why did Google really shutdown Google Reader?

No one internally at Google deemed it important enough to even work on, much less save. That per Matthew Lynley (@mattlynley), business reporter for BuzzFeed, who writes Google Reader died because no one would run it. The decision had little to do with consumers — the RSS reader was very popular with a core set of power… Continue Reading

Social media monitoring services–Law firms using correctly?

Law firms need to be careful when buying the same social media monitoring services that marketers in corporate America are buying. They may not be useful for a law firm looking to use social media to build relationships and reputations at an individual lawyer level. As David Benady (@davidbenady) writes in the Guardian, marketers in… Continue Reading

Feedly : Slick RSS reader for iPhone or Android

I’ve been looking for a slick, fast, easy to use RSS reader with a nice interface for my iPhone. I use Mr. Reader, Flipboard, and Zite on my iPad. Though Flipboard and Zite work well on my iPhone, they have limitations. Zite is a personalized magazine that feeds me relevant content by categories, but it… Continue Reading

RSS feeds make comeback with tablets and apps

Audiences are surprised when I tell them the most important part of social media is listening. I explain after a LinkedIn profile, the most important social media tool to use is a RSS reader. Social media is all about networking so as to build relationships and enhance your word of mouth reputation. Networking means listening… Continue Reading

Listening : First step in blogging by lawyers

Imagine you’re an estate planning lawyer in Des Moines looking to grow your practice. The marketing folks at Principal Park, home of the Triple A Des Moines Cubs, call to tell you that you’ll have free use of a luxury box for five of next year’s ball games. Better yet, they tell you they’ll arrange… Continue Reading

Better Blogging with an Efficient Google Reader

If you’re anything like many of us here at LexBlog, your Google Reader is jam-packed with hundreds of subscriptions and hundreds or thousands of unread items. For a new adopter especially, the constant stream of content can be overwhelming⎯maybe even enough to give up on using RSS. But using a reader is an essential and… Continue Reading