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Flipboard update integrates Zite’s technology

FlipboardGreat news for lawyers. As reported by VentureBeat’s Tom Cheredar (@TChed), Flipboard’s latest update integrates Zite’s suggested content feature. At the heart of “Flipboard 3.0″ is deep integration of technology from Zite, the mobile news recommendation service Flipboard acquired from CNN back in March. Zite is known for being able to recommend a large selection … Continue Reading

Zite has left the building : News app popular among lawyers acquired by Flipboard

20140305-195606.jpgZite, which I’ve described as a Pandora for content, has been acquired by Flipboard. Zite, which had previously been acquired by CNN, was popular among lawyers because of its ability to curate news and information on niche subjects. As opposed to having to subscribe to feeds from various sources and on key phrases on a … Continue Reading

Feedly dominates post-Google Reader world

Technology journalist and lawyer, Derrick Harris (@derrickharris), shares that Feedly is dominating the post Google Reader world. Feedly is crushing everyone else trying to filling the gaping void left after Google killed its Reader product. It’s also becoming a significant driver of traffic overall, ranking No. 14 in’s top 30 list and producing more than … Continue Reading

Video : Google Reader in Plain English

Speaking to legal professionals around the country I suggest if you’re going to do one thing to get started down the road to social media that you get started with RSS. RSS is the oxygen giving life to content on the net. And it’s your RSS reader which allows you to receive content, whether by … Continue Reading

Circulation drop at major US newspapers is opportunity for law bloggers

Circulation declines are accelerating at America’s major newspapers, with all but two of the 25 largest U.S. showing declines for the last six months. This per the Wall Street Journal’s Russel Adams this morning. Weekday circulation at 507 newspapers fell 4.6%…, compared with a 2.6% decline in the same period a year earlier, according to … Continue Reading

Your law blog posts get higher profile at Wall Street Journal

With the redesign of the Wall Street Journal, law blog posts from lawyers around the country are getting higher profile. Practicing lawyers posting on their blog yesterday received equal billing this morning with stories from The New York Times and Chicago Tribune in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Breaking Law Stories from Around the Web.’ Look … Continue Reading

Pileggi rocks the Wall Street Journal again

Okay, Francis Pileggi, a Delaware corporate litigation lawyer, didn’t exactly rock the WSJ. But the Journal did pick up another one of his blog posts in it’s ‘Stories from the Web’ in the Law Section of the online Journal. As an influential law blogger on corporate issues, Pileggi’s’s blog posts keep popping up all around … Continue Reading