Top 10 in Law Blogs: Air Traffic Controllers, Chinese Air Jordans, Kim Kardashian


Lots of high-level stuff with mainstream ties today: commentary on Netflix’s leave policy, IP around a Deflategate shirt and the FDA taking issue with Kim Kardashian. On LXBN, Zosha writes on the trend in online writers unionizing. Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 199. FAA Kept Sleeping Controllers Study Results Secret – San Francisco attorney … Continue Reading

Baker & McKenzie Chair : Social media matters for law firms


It wasn’t that long ago that I ran dog and pony shows for legal professionals explaining what a blog is and why they may be helpful for business development in a law firm. “The word blog comes from the word ‘Weblog,’ which is something people use to annotate their activity on the web. Blogs, expanded to … Continue Reading

Lawyers ignoring the power of social to connect with people

Social media to connect

The power of social media to connect people was on full display Thursday. Facebook brought us the Republican debate along with Fox. Facebook users’ questions were be played live by video and read by moderators. Facebook ran pages sharing live debate updates with comments from users. Americans is probably a better descriptor than “users.” We’re … Continue Reading