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Blogs come and go at The New York Times — and at some law firms

As reported by Poynters’ Andrew Beaujon (@abeaujon) The New York Times announced last week that half of their blogs will be eliminated or merge into other blogs. Why? We’re just not going to do content in reverse chronological order. We’re not sure we like unique brands, as opposed to the global company brand. Our blogging… Continue Reading

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Ghost law blogging is unethical : Nearing a consensus

Sorry lazy lawyers and marketing professionals selling ghostwritten blog posts. Lawyers and many other professionals are coming close to a consensus that ghost-blogging is unethical. The most recent discussion took place on Facebook and Twitter this week. Until now it was like talking religion or politics with the flak I received when expressing my belief… Continue Reading

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What’s the difference between content marketing and social media?

Content marketing has been around for centuries while social, including blogging, represents a new medium that has never existed before. Kind of ironic in that many law firms, lawyers, and marketing professionals are couching content marketing as something new, and even an offshoot of social media. Marketing consultant and best selling author, Jay Baer (@jaybaer),… Continue Reading

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8 reasons LinkedIn publishing is not going to kill law blogs

I remember having a “mini heart attack” in 2006 when Google migrated the Blogger blog publishing service it had acquired onto Google’s servers and incorporated Blogger into Google’s main menu. How were independent law blogs going to survive? Blogger blogs would appear higher in search. Blogger blogs would get more traffic. Blogger blogs were going… Continue Reading