Top 10 in Law Blogs: Microdosing, Monitoring Heart Rate, Iran Sanctions


Good stuff all around the LexBlog Network today. Though, in a noteworthy and interesting headline and post, Mark McAndrew takes a look at pharma’s use of Twitter. Also, a big thing: Robin Shea hosts the Blog Carnival. Over on LXBN, Zosha writes on a big Supreme Course impacting immigration reform. Microdosing: Silicon Valley’s Risky Race … Continue Reading

LinkedIn is risky for lawyers?

LinkedIn for lawyers

Most discussion by lawyers and bar associations regarding the fine points of how legal ethics rules apply to social media serves no one — neither lawyers nor the people we serve. The latest comes from the New York County Lawyers Association (“NYCLA”) and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (“City … Continue Reading

Should you pay to speak at a conference?

Paying to speak at conferences

I really enjoy speaking to members of our legal profession — law students, lawyers, legal marketing professionals, legal association leaders, bar executives — they are great people. But being asked to pay to speak is something that really sticks in my craw. Being asked to pay comes in all flavors in the legal industry — … Continue Reading