We’re still social, technology just changes how we socialize

Are the above situations any different? Are people socializing any less? As Techdirt’s Tim Cushing (@TimCushing) penned last Friday, technology doesn’t make us less social, it only changes the way we socialize. A newspaper, like a smartphone, can be more entertaining in some situations. Yes, the printed word, applied to paper, is more interesting than … Continue Reading

Martindale, a Nolo Company

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.36.50 PM

Martindale-Hubbell is now a Nolo [Press] company, or so it appears. Internet Brands acquired Nolo Press and Martindale-Hubbell and is now branding Martindale-Hubbell as Martindale, a Nolo Company. The companies appear to be combined per the below description, though Nolo, a primarily self help law site is still up. Martindale Nolo offers a full suite … Continue Reading