Top 10 in Law Blogs: Twitpic/Twitter Spat, Micro-Venture Capital, Drones at Football Games


Whew, these four-day weeks just fly by. If you haven’t heard about the scuffle between Twitpic and Twitter—one that will lead to the former shutting down—it’s pretty wild. And if you haven’t, Trademarkology has the story for you today. Total posts on the LexBlog Network: 179. Vicarious Liability Under the Lanham Act: The Amazon Affiliate … Continue Reading

Social media exploding as percentage of marketing budgets

social media law firm marketing budget

Marketers are spending more than ever on social media, according to Duke University’s CMO Survey. From the Wall Street Journal’s Nathalie Tadena (@nftadena) reporting on the study: …[S]pending on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter currently represents 9% of marketing budgets and is expected to increase to more than 13% over the next … Continue Reading

Teaching law students to blog : Interview of Law Professor Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein

law school student blogging

I had the good fortune to meet Silvia Hodges Silverstein via blogging and social media, first, and then in person earlier this year at ReInvent Law in New York City. Dr. Hodges Silverstein (@SilviaHodges) researches, publishes, teaches, and speaks on topics related to corporate procurement of legal services, as well as law firm management and … Continue Reading

WordPress blogs solve problems of peer review expert publications

peer review blogs

Whether it’s science, medicine, law, or technology, publishing is by and large a peer review model controlled by large publishers and organizations. With the Internet and WordPress democratizing publishing, why can’t we have an open publishing system driven by blogs? It would benefit experts and society at large. From technology executive, Daniel Marovitz (@marovdan), in … Continue Reading