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Will we see the death of traditional media for law firm influence?

Media institutions law firmsPolitico’s media blogger, Dylan Byers (@dylanbyers), is predicting the death of the Sunday morning news shows that for decades have set the tone in American politics. The public affairs shows — “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation” and “This Week” — used to set the agenda for the nation’s capital with their news-making interviews and … Continue Reading

Are press releases in the legal industry dead?

Speaking to an association of public relations professionals last week, the UK’s executive director of government communications, Alex Aiken, called the press release dead. As reported by Kate McGee (@katemagee) of PRWeek (@prweekuknews), Aiken told the group, The press release is dead.  The “cosy” process of writing a press release and sending it out to journalists … Continue Reading

What lawyers and law firms can learn from KitchenAid's social media debacle

The Internet is a fast moving and unforgiving place. The appliance maker, KitchenAid (@KitchenAidUSA), learned this after a tasteless tweet regarding the President’s grandmother was sent from their corporate Twitter account during Wednesday night’s presidential debate. The person behind the KitchenAid tweet made the mistake of sending the tweet from the company Twitter account instead … Continue Reading

LMA needs press coverage of annual conferences

There’s a wealth of knowledge in the legal marketing community that’s being shared this week at the Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) Annual Conference in Orlando. What strikes me about the conference is the lack of media coverage. There are LMA members who are doing some blogging from the conference. There is also a steady stream … Continue Reading

How to get coverage in law blogs

I receive 15 or 25 emails or press releases a day from companies or PR agencies announcing a new product or service. The vast the majority of which are of news of no interest to my readers. Shortly before a conference such as ABA TechShow or ALM’s LegalTech the number only increases. At some conferences, … Continue Reading

Who do you send a press release to?

I’m serious, I don’t know the answer. 10 or 12 years ago I remember scouring relevant magazines and newspapers for the names and email addresses of reporters, editors, and publishers in order to create a media distribution list. Before that it was fax numbers. When I wanted to get news out from my law firm, … Continue Reading

Will law firms have no other alternative than to blog?

For decades law firms have leveraged the intellectual capital of their lawyers for client development purposes. The goal being to establish the firm’s lawyers as thought leaders and trusted authorities in their areas of practice. Other than lawyers speaking and networking at legal and industry conferences, the primary means of sharing this intellectual capital to … Continue Reading

Dallas Divorce Blog leads to TV interview : Lawyers who blog a reporter’s dream

Just received an email from Dallas Family Law Attorney and LexBlog Network blogger, Michelle May O’Neil. She just got off the phone with a local television reporter who plans to do a story about Facebook in Divorce. The reporter did a google search and up popped relevant blog posts on her Dallas Divorce Blog. Michelle … Continue Reading