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Ten New Law Blogs Launched At LexBlog


At LexBlog, we recently welcomed ten new blogs to the network spanning from Data Privacy to Family Businesses. If the trend continues, 2017 will be a big year for law firms and blogging, as we see more firms continually moving …

Does a business need a website?

Business need a website?

Does a business need a website?

My company, LexBlog, is going to find out as we move to a blog, as opposed to a website, for our Internet presence.

I’ve been asking the website question as to LexBlog’s Internet presence …

You don’t need to game Google

Law blog google

Florida attorney, Rick Georges blogs that he’s always unimpressed with pitches from companies promising to increase his visibility on Google.

I have never attempted to increase my visibility online; but, have opted to continue providing content which I think is

Blogging at thirteen years. What’s changed?

Blogging for lawyers

I started blogging thirteen years ago, as of last Tuesday. What’s changed?

Blogging was not about writing articles then. Blog posts, usually pretty short, often referenced what others were writing. So much so that a ‘trackback’ feature displayed on your …

Is legal blogging really plateauing?

Lawyer blogging ABA Report

Legal tech columnist, Bob Ambrogi, blogged this week that per an ABA Legal Technology Survey Report lawyer blogging appears to have plateaued.

The number of law firms with blogs has plateaued, neither growing nor dropping for four years straight, according