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Are legal technology companies ready for bloggers at LegalTech 2015?

legaltechYou can tell it’s LegalTech time again. By LegalTech I am referring to ALM’s LegalTech Show in New York City the first week in February. It is the largest and, arguably, the most important legal technology show of the year. The show brings together lawyers, corporate leaders, legal technology companies, large consulting companies and law … Continue Reading

Is attracting people to your law blog necessary?

law blog authenticAttracting people to your law blog may not be necessary for your blog to be a professional and business development success. Most people talk of law blogs as a means of generating traffic. Traffic to the law blog. Traffic to a web site. Traffic to a lawyer’s bio. Success is then measured by viewers. How … Continue Reading

Blog to people, not at people

Blogging to peopleAuthor and business consultant, Euan Semple (@euan), shared a wonderful reminder for bloggers — that we write to people, as opposed to at people. Good writing is more like letter writing. It is written to you not at you. It draws you closer, is offered to you deferentially, like two people who know and trust … Continue Reading

The blogging lawyer as a citizen journalist

lawyer blogger citizen journalistLaw firms generally look at blogs as a way to market lawyers and the firm. The focus ultimately becomes the lawyers and the firm. How do we draw attention? How do we build a brand? How do we strategically engage influencers? There is nothing wrong with this. It works, if done well, and is a … Continue Reading

Even Apple begins blogging

Apple bloggingIt may have taken over ten years, but Apple has started blogging. This per NBC Bay Area’s Barbara Hernandez (@bhern) reporting on the launch of its Tumblr blog. Amid the pictures of Nicki Minaj and “The Lego Movie,” are GIFs of Jack White, Stephen Colbert and green scene from “Guardians of the Galaxy” on its … Continue Reading

Financial advisors realize business development gains through social media

financial-advisor-social-mediaLawyers aren’t the only professionals using social media for business development. Hearsay Social’s Meghan Herfkens Hency (@mherf) reports that 75% of financial advisors are using social media for client development. This per Putnam Investments 2014 Social Advisor Study released this week. It’s working too. 66% of financial advisors have gained new clients through social media, … Continue Reading

Your blog’s design is affecting its performance

law blog designYour blog’s design is affecting its performance — on at least a couple fronts. One is speed. The longer it takes your blog to load, the more likely users will leave. Two is ease of use for readers. Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), co-founder of WordPress, shared word today of a post from web designer, Brad Frost … Continue Reading

Law blog comments and online discussion could be much more

law blog commentsExcellent piece today in a London School of Economics blog on the importance of science blogs and their resulting Web 2.0 discussion by Jonathan Mendel, a Lecturer in Human Geography at Dundee University, and Hauke Riesch, a Lecturer in Sociology and Communications at Brunel University. Science blogging has become a prominent tool for researchers to communicate with … Continue Reading

As ABA Blawg 100 shows, biglaw is finding the handle on quality blogging

9084897695_2837129497_bThere’s blogging, and then there’s blogging well. And really, an argument can be made that anything but the latter really isn’t blogging at all. After all, what is blogging—is it simply the act of producing content to an online publication that displays it all on one page in reverse-chronological order? Or, is there something more … Continue Reading