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Learning to blog and use social media requires making mistakes

LinkedIn asked Mashable founder and CEO, Pete Cashmore (@petecashmore), for his best advice to fellow business people. Make mistakes, your own mistakes answered Cashmore. As an entrepreneur in my early 20s, I believed in the mantra, “Don’t take advice; make your own mistakes.” I still believe in part of this — guess which part? Every… Continue Reading

Bloomberg Law App fails to include law blogs?

Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg BNA’s flagship legal and business intelligence, news, and research platform, announced Friday the release of its law app which will provide seamless access to personalized legal content. From Joe Breda, Executive Vice President, Product, at Bloomberg BNA: From meetings with clients to arguments in court, our clients need to access their Bloomberg… Continue Reading

ALM shutters Law.com Law Blog Network

As Bob Ambrogi reports, ALM will be shutting down their Law.com Law Blog Network later this year. Law.com’s editor Nathalie Gorman told Ambrogi in email: When we first started the Law.com Blog Network, it was a great way for us to help legal blogs get off the ground and get the advertising dollars that they… Continue Reading

Blog : The only way you can protect your content and legacy

Journalists at U.S. News and World Report just found out that the stories, reporting, and content they produced before 2007 is no longer being retained by the publication. Jim Romenesko (@romenesko) reported today that U.S. News has deleted archived web content published before 2007. A Romenesko reader recently noticed that U.S. News wiped out a… Continue Reading

Radio Nowhere : Is anyone listening to my blogging?

“Radio Nowhere” is a track on Bruce Springsteen’s Magic album. Listening to the song and lyrics written by Springsteen, I can’t help but feel for a blogger putting in the effort, but wondering if anyone out there is listening. I was trying to find my way home, But all I heard was a drone. Bouncin’… Continue Reading

Legal ethics : Are blogs governed by advertising rules?

Attorneys Richard Raysman and Peter Brown write in the New York Law Journal that online advertising, a $20 billion industry for just half of 2013, raises a number of ethical challenges for lawyers. Topping the list of online advertising was the blog, which Raysman and Brown believe could be the “most useful tool in one’s… Continue Reading

Bloggers to be driving force in legal Web journalism

The New York Times’ David Carr (@carr2n) has an interesting read in Sunday’s paper on Web journalism asserting itself. Prompted by popular blogger and columnist, Ezra Klein, leaving the Washington Post to go to Vox Media, an Internet media company with six Internet brands, Carr hits on the essence of digital media. Mr. Klein is… Continue Reading

Could top law blogs move behind paywalls of large publishers?

Hours after losing its top policy blogger, Ezra Klein, the Washington Post announced yesterday a partnership with the popular law and public policy blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, founded by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. As a result of the move, The Volokh Conspiracy, its 12 authors, and vibrant commenting community will no longer be open… Continue Reading

U.S. Court : Bloggers deserve freedom of the press protection

As reported by Dan Levine (@FedCourtJunkie), the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled yesterday that a blogger is entitled to the same free speech protections as a traditional journalist. A bankruptcy trustee and Obsidian Finance Group sued a Crystal Cox for defamation over a 2011 blog post she wrote accusing them… Continue Reading

Do not confuse writing an article with blogging

I have always viewed blogging as all together different than writing an article. Blogging is a conversation where by listening to relevant discussion you engage those in the conversation. Social media consultant, Jayne Navvare (@jaynenavvare), made the point as well as anyone in her post today.

What have law blogs wrought us?

Author, wealth management professional, and TV commentator, Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz), had an interesting post on Bloomberg this morning regarding the impact financial blogs have had on the financial community — on markets, investing and financial journalism. Consider the five factors that financial blogs have wrought us, writes Ritholtz. Near identical to the impact that law… Continue Reading

Blogs not only live, blogs have brought us the new normal

Blogs live writes David Weinberger (@dweinberger), whose work at Harvard and as an a author focuses on how the Internet is changing human relationships, communication, and society. Weinberger had the opportunity to share his reflections on blogging at a recent Fellows Hour at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, where the topic was “Whatever happened… Continue Reading

Lawyers ought blog for an audience of two

As blogging’s grown, Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), the co-founder of WordPress, says “We’ve gotten better at counting and worse at paying attention to what really counts.” So true. Everything’s about numbers. How many shares? How many hits? How many subscribers? How many visitors? The antidote, Mullenweg suggests, is to write for only two people. First, write… Continue Reading

Can law blogging qualify for CLE credits?

Lawyers are required to take continuing legal education in order to keep their licenses. Historically, education has taken place in the classroom with live speakers or recordings. With the advent of the Internet lawyers are now taking CLE classes online as well. Beyond classes, some states allow lawyers to earn credits by writing legal articles…. Continue Reading

Blog daily : Seth Godin’s advice to all entrepreneurs

As shared by legal marketing consultant, Adrian Dayton, Seth Godin was recently asked what is the one habit you would recommend to all entrepreneurs. Blog daily was Godin’s advice. Blogging helps you to be more honest with yourself. It allows you to keep thinking of new ideas and forces you to communicate these ideas. I’ve… Continue Reading