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Canadian in-house counsel embrace law blogs

canada in-house counsel legal blogsLooking to have your insight and commentary reach in-house counsel in Canada? Looking to improve the chances you’ll get hired by those same same in-house counsel? Publishing a niche focused legal blog may be the answer. 54% of Canadian in-house counsel read legal blogs for legal, business and industry news and information and 54% use … Continue Reading

Essence of blogging

Essence of bloggingMy friend and seasoned blogger, Euan Semple (@euan) has yet another excellent post on the essence of blogging in Blogging and the Budda. In order to blog you have to become more aware. Aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your impact on them. You think about what you have noticed and what it means. You … Continue Reading

If content is king, then personality is the queen

blog personalityWant to grow your blog’s readership? Want to develop a strong word of mouth reputation from blogging? Want to get people to share your posts on social media? When to get other publishers linking to your posts to drive high search engine rankings? Then show a little personality. From web developer, Diogo Costa (@diogocostow) in … Continue Reading

Blogging is about you, the blogger, not the copy

Blogging is being yourselfYou cannot tell it today, but one of the first books I bought when I started blogging back in 2003 was “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. Zissner died earlier this month at age 92. The New York Times’ Douglas Martin explained in his obituary that Zinsser went far beyond writerly do’s and dont’s in the book. Zissner … Continue Reading

Where do you find niche areas for legal blog and business?

niche legal blogsI was scrolling through my RSS feeds this afternoon and noticed the headline “Plaintiff’s lawyers take a liking to employee defamation claims.” The Recorder’s Marissa Kendall (@marisakendall) was reporting on a growth of defamation suits by workers against employers are on the rise. The claims often crop up in wrongful-termination and discrimination suits, where plaintiffs … Continue Reading

Blogging is about transparency, not content

Blogging is transparency not contentBack in 2004, when blogs were in their infancy, a small group of Microsoft developers launched Channel 9 as a way to get closer to customers. Lenn Pryor and four others wanted to open up a direct line of communication between Microsoft’s developers and the outside development community. Microsoft, then known as the evil empire by … Continue Reading

Law blogs and content ought be unbundled from websites

law blog outside websiteThe New York Times decision to start publishing stories directly on Facebook further signals the importance of publishing away from your flagship website. As the Times’ Claire Cain Miller (@clairecm) writes, Facebook’s hosting stories from the Times and other publishers is not just about page views, revenues and how fast a story loads. It’s about who really owns … Continue Reading

Law blogging and poetry

Law Blogs and poetryI blogged Saturday how blogging, through observation and expression, can clarify a lawyer’s thinking and advance the law. So it was fitting today that Euan Semple (@euan) blogged about ‘Blogging and Leadership‘ picking up on the same theme of providing insight on our observations. Euan, a speaker, writer, and consultant used the analogy of poetry to blogging. Not … Continue Reading

Should a lawyer find time to blog every day?

Lawyer blog dailyWhen I discuss blogging with lawyers time is one of their biggest concerns. Seth Godin, an incredibly busy marketer, author, entrepreneur and speaker blogs every day per Dave Gerhardt (@davegerhardt) in a piece over on HubSpot. Why does Seth do it? Blogging every day clarifies my thoughts — it helps me notice things. It’s one … Continue Reading

Will Google’s “Mobilegeddon” crush law firm content marketing?

responsive design google searchGoogle’s Mobilegeddon arrived this week and neither law firms nor the businesses they represent were ready for it. Law firm content marketing, whether via legal blogs or websites, is going to take a big hit in search results as a result. Business Insider’s Jillian D’onfro (@jillianiles) reports that Google’s major update to its mobile search algorithm, described … Continue Reading

Rise in social networks make law blogs even more important

blogs travel on social networksFunny thing happened with the advent of and increasing use of social networks. Law blogs became more important. Popular discussion of late has been that with the increasing use of social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) blogs have become less important. After all, all of your clients, prospective clients and their influencers (bloggers, traditional media, … Continue Reading

Blog early and often for traffic — and business

Blog often traffic businessLooking to generate more traffic to your blog and more business as a result? The best way to do so is to blog regularly. Research from HubSpot, in which it surveyed 13,500 blogging organizations, found that organizations which make a commitment to regularly publish quality content to their blogs tend to reap the biggest rewards in terms … Continue Reading

WordPress is democratizing publishing and development to empower us all

Wordpress development platformMatt Mullenweg (@photomatt), co-founder of WordPress, used to say WordPress is democratizing publishing. Mullenweg now describes WordPress as democratizing publishing and development. Rather than WordPress serving as just a powerful content management system, WordPress is becoming an application development framework. WordPress will serve as a platform enabling developers to build whatever they need in order to deliver … Continue Reading

Have I been asking too much of law bloggers?

law blogI have been blogging for over eleven years, most of the time encouraging lawyers to blog and when they do, to blog better. I am sure many of you have seen it as more of a hammer than encouragement. Define the perfect niche strategy, identify and listen to the influencers, master the use of a … Continue Reading

Getting inspiration for law blogging

law blog how to and inspiration with FlipboardAs a law blogger or someone sitting on the fence a good place to find inspiration is other bloggers. The bloggers need not be blogging on the law. Non-law blogs may be the best place to start. They’ll get you outside the routine of the law. I usually use  a news aggregator (Mr Reader) to … Continue Reading