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The legal digital media battle will be won on mobile – and social

legal digital media on mobile and social“The battle will be won on the smartphone,” New York Times CEO, Mark Thompson told the audience at the Code/Media conference Tuesday evening, reports Re/codes’s Peter Kafka (@pkafka) and Edmund Lee (@edmundlee). And mobile alone will not be enough, per Thompson. Gaining readership will require content sharing on third-party social networking platforms such as Facebook. … Continue Reading

Five lessons law bloggers can take from Jon Stewart

law blog authentic engagementThere are five lessons blogging lawyers can take from John Stewart’s success on The Daily Show. Summed up: authenticity and authority are what people want today. As Sonio Simone (@soniasimone)  writes at Copyblogger, when Stewart started in 1999 the news was reported by the likes of Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather. Stewart’s satire and irreverant … Continue Reading

How can undergrads and law students best use blogs and social media?

Notre dame father HesburghI would welcome any ideas you have on how college students can blog and use other social media for professional development (learning) as well as networking to build relationships and word of mouth to gain employment upon graduation. It’s no pipe dream. I am hearing of law students from last year’s class who got jobs … Continue Reading

Ask questions to generate law blog content

questions for blog postsLawyers often object to blogging because they don’t have anything to write about. “What am I going to say.” It’s possible all you need to do is to ask a question and let the answers give rise to a blog post. Digital marketing professional, Andrei Petrik (@andreipetrek), shared this week that Quora is a an … Continue Reading

Good law blogs losing traffic from Google?

social media referrals to blogsWell not losing traffic, but just seeing the percentage of over all viewers coming from Google dropping. The percentage of viewers coming to my blog from Google has dropped 28% in the last year. In January of 2014 almost 57% percent of viewers came from search, or Google. This last month, it’s dropped to 41%. … Continue Reading

Blogging as a lawyer requires a commitment

LombardiThere are lots of reasons lawyers choose to blog. Building relationships. Enhancing your word of mouth reputation. Professional development. Growing a network of colleagues and others with similar interests. Contribution to the public. Advancing the law through open dialogue. Enjoyment. Like anything worthwhile though, blogging requires a commitment. This became apparent the last couple days … Continue Reading

Are legal technology companies ready for bloggers at LegalTech 2015?

legaltechYou can tell it’s LegalTech time again. By LegalTech I am referring to ALM’s LegalTech Show in New York City the first week in February. It is the largest and, arguably, the most important legal technology show of the year. The show brings together lawyers, corporate leaders, legal technology companies, large consulting companies and law … Continue Reading

Is attracting people to your law blog necessary?

law blog authenticAttracting people to your law blog may not be necessary for your blog to be a professional and business development success. Most people talk of law blogs as a means of generating traffic. Traffic to the law blog. Traffic to a web site. Traffic to a lawyer’s bio. Success is then measured by viewers. How … Continue Reading

Blog to people, not at people

Blogging to peopleAuthor and business consultant, Euan Semple (@euan), shared a wonderful reminder for bloggers — that we write to people, as opposed to at people. Good writing is more like letter writing. It is written to you not at you. It draws you closer, is offered to you deferentially, like two people who know and trust … Continue Reading

The blogging lawyer as a citizen journalist

lawyer blogger citizen journalistLaw firms generally look at blogs as a way to market lawyers and the firm. The focus ultimately becomes the lawyers and the firm. How do we draw attention? How do we build a brand? How do we strategically engage influencers? There is nothing wrong with this. It works, if done well, and is a … Continue Reading