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Law bloggers ought be more than content machines

law blog machineMy friend and leading web designer, Greg Storey (@brilliantcrank), forwarded a piece from designer Travis Gertz (@travisgertz) on the decline of web design — especially as it relates to designing environments for publishing. Gertz even sees content as stealing the emotion from design. There’s a lot of writing happening, but so little of it has any … Continue Reading

Is it really this easy?

law blogsFlorida lawyer and veteran blogger, Rick Georges (@rickgeorges) says there’s no magic formula for getting on page one of the Google search results.  No, you can’t game the Google system. The best way to get on Page One is to post quality content early and often. Interact with your clients and customers. Read and recognize the quality … Continue Reading

Focus on trust, not traffic, when blogging

trust not traffic with blogDespite the attraction of web traffic, lawyers and law firms ought to focus on something much more worthwhile, getting their content shared by establishing trust. From Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer), author and Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions: The power on the web does not come from content alone or traffic. It comes from social transmission. … Continue Reading

Individual lawyer or law firm blog, which is trusted more?

Law bloggersReviewing the findings and accompanying commentary of the recent UK survey conducted by affilinet on who consumers trust for information I couldn’t help but think that an individual lawyer’s blog, even including a law firm’s brand,mmay be more trusted than law firm group blogs. The survey found that consumers trusted only family and friends more … Continue Reading

A blog is where a lawyer’s personal brand begins

lawyers brand begins with a blogI usually tell lawyers to begin with LinkedIn when it comes to establishing visibility. LinkedIn is relatively easy to use for a profile and networking. If you don’t have a good LinkedIn profile, you also look less than professional. But Jayson DeMers (@JaysonDeMers), CEO of a Seattle based digital marketing agency, writes in Entrepreneur Magazine … Continue Reading

Blogging to leave a legacy

Blog a legacy“It sometimes seems that the writers in “Legacy,” Daniel Goldfarb’s fine new play at Williamstown Theatre Festival, are interested in their own lives primarily as raw material.” This from the Boston Globe’s Don Aucoin (@globeaucoin) stage review entitled “Writing and living with an eye on the future.” Do lawyers and look to their own lives … Continue Reading

Google’s “Mobilegeddon” severely impacting blogs and digital content

mobile blog responsiveThe impact of Google’s “Mobilegeddon” has been significantly greater than expected. This per a study from Stone Temple, a Boston-based digital consulting company. “Mobilegeddon” was a name given by webmasters and web developers to Google’s algorithm update of April 21. The effect of the update was to give search priority to sites that display well … Continue Reading

Canadian in-house counsel embrace law blogs

canada in-house counsel legal blogsLooking to have your insight and commentary reach in-house counsel in Canada? Looking to improve the chances you’ll get hired by those same same in-house counsel? Publishing a niche focused legal blog may be the answer. 54% of Canadian in-house counsel read legal blogs for legal, business and industry news and information and 54% use … Continue Reading