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Uncovered law blog niches represent opportunities for lawyers

20140713-202712-73632344.jpgJoseph Lichterman (@ylichterman) shares word of a Pew Research Journalism Project study released last week on the decline of reporters covering statehouses across our country. The result is situations, as in Georgia, where there aren’t enough reporters to get the word out to citizens of recently passed legislation ranging from restrictions on guns in churches, … Continue Reading

Self editing makes for good writing — and blogging

20140711-173153-63113757.jpgNew York venture capitalist and very widely followed blogger, Fred Wilson (@fredwilson), shares that an educator he greatly respects told him recently that getting kids to rewrite their work, solo, is the single most effective technique for improving their writing. Obsessive self editing, it turns out, is what makes Wilson such a great blogger. When … Continue Reading

Ghost law blogging is unethical : Nearing a consensus

Ghostwritting Ghost written law blogsSorry lazy lawyers and marketing professionals selling ghostwritten blog posts. Lawyers and many other professionals are coming close to a consensus that ghost-blogging is unethical. The most recent discussion took place on Facebook and Twitter this week. Until now it was like talking religion or politics with the flak I received when expressing my belief … Continue Reading

Law blog success targeting just one person

Law blog post target audienceI was recently explaining to a group of lawyers and law firm professionals that traffic doesn’t matter when it comes to blog posts. One of the firm’s professionals stopped me and asked “Why are marketing experts advising the firm that blog success ought to be measured by web traffic.” I explained that it may be … Continue Reading

Five things I’d tell any attorney before blogging

5 tips for lawyer blogsA friend and legal profession emailed me this morning with a good question. What would would be the first five things I’d tell any attorney about blogging before they got started? My answer: Blogging requires passion. What are you passionate about? Really. Identify with specificity the type of work you want to do and who … Continue Reading

Demonstrate legal current awareness through blogging

current awareness lawyer blogJohn Barker (@contentbarker), the VP of Strategy & Competitive Intelligence for Wolters Kluwer, blogged this morning on the increasing need for current awareness in the business of law. Both law firms and in-house legal departments have obvious business development needs. Law firms want to maintain and/or increase revenues from existing clients by delivering more value … Continue Reading

Are law blogs content marketing?

Law Blogs Content MarketingThis morning I read about a Cuban blogger, Yoani Sánchez, who is going to launch a digital newspaper. The paper will be the first independent media on the island in half a century. Sanchez has become one of the most recognized critical voices because of her blog, which has won many international journalism awards Yesterday … Continue Reading

Responsive design is the right fit for law blogs

Law firm website blog mobile responsive designPer the 2014 State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey, 42% of in-house counsel are accessing general business media on tablets. 35% on smart phones. 29% are accessing law blogs on tablets, 23% on smartphones. However, Joe Dysart, reporting for the ABA Journal, believes responsive websites may not be the way forward for law firms. A … Continue Reading

Legal content marketing : Information overload or lack of engagement?

Information overload on legal content blogsAccording to the recently released Digital and Content Marketing Survey, corporate lawyers often feel overwhelmed with the amount of content being produced by law firms today. The implication being that law firms need to focus on an editorial strategy, curation, and corporate journalism techniques, among other things, to stand out from the crowd. More than … Continue Reading

Blogging with dementia : An inspiration for us all

Blog dementia inspirationKate Swaffer (@kateswaffer), an Australian nurse diagnosed with younger onset dementia, calls her daily blog a “memory bank.” I ran across Swaffer’s story in a post from Australian blogger, Clare Conroy (@webbyclare). Kate’s blog started off being a casual way of documenting her daily activities and thoughts. Soon she realized that it was also becoming … Continue Reading

Are American lawyers taking blogging for granted?

Importance of blogging lawyers in AmericaIn 2012, Ethiopia sentenced a prominent blogger to between eight years to life on charges of conspiring to topple the government. On Monday, per Reuters Aaron Maasho (@AaronMG), Ethiopia charged six bloggers with attempting to incite violence. Within the last week Russia placed, what Charlotte Alfred (@CharlotteAlfred) reporting for the Huffington Post, stifling restrictions on … Continue Reading

How many law blogs are there and where are we headed?

How many law blogsMy friend and fellow entrepreneur, Deborah McMurray (@contentpilot), asked me last week for my estimate on the number of attorney blogs today and my prediction for the coming years. McMurray was speaking to the Dallas Legal Marketing Association regarding top trends in marketing and wanted to include an update on blogs. I thought you’d be … Continue Reading

Are bloggers media? Court says yes, Senate says no

243706163_3d78ff2c20_zTechdirt’s Mike Masnick (@mmasnick) reports this week that a Florida court has found bloggers to be part of the media. A University of Florida student blogged about a Florida businessman, Christopher Comins, shooting two dogs in a field. Rather than go after any of the major media which widely covered the event, Comins filed a defamation … Continue Reading

More is less : Call to action inadvisable on law blog

Call to action law blogI ran across a post this morning from Amanda Clark (@GrammarChicInc) on “10 Ways Businesses Can Blog Better.” Number seven was “The Call-to-Action.” Every business-sponsored blog should incorporate a call-to-action at the end of a blog. This is a small section that explains how you, the business, can help readers solve the topic (usually a problem … Continue Reading

Legal publishers and journalists need to rethink business with rise of law blogs

Blogs legal publishingI follow developments in the journalism business because there is so much to be learned here as to future of legal blogging. Not only as to legal blogs themselves, but also how blogs will intersect with legal journalism and legal publishing going forward. The Nieman Journalism Lab’s Joshua Benton (@jbenton) shared a wonderful piece this morning … Continue Reading