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Nuts and bolts of social networking and social media for Utah Bar Association

6607825369_3a8771309a_bDownload a PDF copy of this post here.    Professional and business development in the law is all about relationships and word of mouth. Never before have lawyers been presented the opportunity to build relationships and word of mouth the way the Internet allows lawyers to do so today. The key for lawyers is learning … Continue Reading

Is your law blog a Mashable or a New York Times?

social reporting law blog ala mashableDo you approach blogging as covering all relevant news in your niche or covering your niche socially? There’s a big difference and you may be surprised as to which works better. In a talk before the Canadian Journalism Foundation, Mashable editor-in-chief, Jim Roberts (@nycjim), explained that Mashable approaches the news as a social activity. GigaOm’s … Continue Reading

11 surprising WordPress statistics for law firms

WordPress for law firmsLittle question that WordPress has become the content management system of choice for innovative law firms — worldwide, large, medium or small. German entrepreneur and blogger, Nick Schäferhoff shared thirteen surprising WordPress statistics, many of which he picked up from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s recent “State of the Word” 2014. Here’s eleven of the statistics … Continue Reading

Blogging still rules!

law blogsFrom author and technologist, David Weinberger (@dweinberger): Back in the early 2000s, we were reading one another’s blogs, responding to them, and linking to them. Blogging was a conversational form made solid by links. Rather than short form posts on social media networks that lead to social relationships, blogs are different per Weinberger. They are … Continue Reading

Defining your law blog niche in five steps

law blog nicheHaving a broadly focused law blog makes networking online a tough chore. It’s a bit like pushing a rock up a hill. On the other a hand, a niche focused law blog can lead to business development success, or even rockstar status, in a couple years — assuming you’re a good lawyer to begin with. … Continue Reading

Do legal blogs generate citations of legal journals and publications?

blogs citations legal publicationsLegal scholars and legal publishers often look at legal blogs as off on the side and not relevant to their more “learned” work. More demeaning yet, law blogs are often looked at as merely advertising or marketing. The fact is that legal blogs likely generate citation of their legal publications (journals, reviews, periodicals, treatises) and … Continue Reading

Law firms need to identify their online rainmakers

rainmaker lawyer social mediaThe majority of law firms treat all lawyers as equals when it comes to their ability to develop business through online networking. Networking online through blogging and the use of other social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, is all about building relationships and word of mouth. The same as business development offline. Ideally, they’re … Continue Reading

Flipboard update integrates Zite’s technology

FlipboardGreat news for lawyers. As reported by VentureBeat’s Tom Cheredar (@TChed), Flipboard’s latest update integrates Zite’s suggested content feature. At the heart of “Flipboard 3.0″ is deep integration of technology from Zite, the mobile news recommendation service Flipboard acquired from CNN back in March. Zite is known for being able to recommend a large selection … Continue Reading

Community versus content

legal community versus contentWhen I think of community, I think of people. When I think of content I think of stuff. The Internet, to me, is all about community. The Internet is not about content marketing. AOL, America’s first entry onto the net, was all community. One community after another formed around message boards on thousands of different … Continue Reading

Do general counsel understand how blogging and social media build relationships?

lawyers attorney social networkFollowing tweets from the Legal Marketing Tech Conference in San Francisco (‪#‎lmatech‬) this AM, I got the sense that general counsel for companies valued relationships first when they select lawyers and law firms, but questioned the value of lawyers using blogs and other social media for business development. Seems like a disconnect. Blogs and other … Continue Reading

Publish your law blog for social and mobile, not for your blog site

Publish law blog social mobileWhen publishing a blog you need to consider how people are consuming your content. Today, content moves socially and it’s viewed on mobile devices. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have browsers built into their mobile apps or provide for the seamless display of a browser as a window in their app. That’s where your blog content … Continue Reading

Do your blogging in comfort

Law Blog ComfortI like to be comfortable when blogging. I don’t mean in the sense of what I’m wearing or where I am sitting. I am referring to the platform I am using for my blogging. Public relations professional, Lauren Salkin (@thinkspin), writes in Huffington Post this morning that Blogging on a WordPress site feels so formal. … Continue Reading