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Web analytics in your pocket – Analytics Pro 2 app

Though I don’t believe web stats and analytics are any way to measure blogging success, I can’t resist the temptation to check my blog’s traffic from time to time. I do so with Analytics Pro on my iPhone. With the just launched Analytics Pro 2 I can view my Google Analytics data in a fast and… Continue Reading

5 reasons lawyers seeking career development ought to blog

Hibah Ahmed (@AhmedHibah), community manager at IT World Canada (@itworldca), shares 5 reasons IT professionals ought to start blogging which I think apply equally to lawyers. As with IT professionals, blogging isn’t the first thing lawyers think of when looking to further their careers. But there’s a growing network of professionals to network with via… Continue Reading

Law firms may copy edit, but ought not edit blogs

Law firms regularly ask me who should edit their lawyer’s blogs. My answer is no one. A blog represents the unedited voice of a person. Lawyers ought to be keying in their own posts and self editing. Most of the lawyers on the LexBlog Network, LXBN, do so. One exception, if you choose to do… Continue Reading

Law blog networks coming to a community or niche near you

Brooklyn is getting its own blog network thanks to Corner Media and its founder and publisher, Liena Zagare (@lienazagare). With recent acquisitions, Peter Sterne (@petersterne) of Capital New York reports Corner Media’s network now covers seven different neighborhoods of Brooklyn: Park Slope, South Slope, Ditmas Park, Fort Greene, Kensington, Sheepshead Bay, and Bensonhurst. Very neat…. Continue Reading

Why do we still blog?

Author and business strategist, Euan Semple (@euan), writes that blogging doesn’t get easier even after all these years. Why do we do it? Because we get to test and improve our thinking in real time. And as Euan says, “What’s not to like about that?” There’s lots of reasons I continue to blog. Near the… Continue Reading

Uncovered law blog niches represent opportunities for lawyers

Joseph Lichterman (@ylichterman) shares word of a Pew Research Journalism Project study released last week on the decline of reporters covering statehouses across our country. The result is situations, as in Georgia, where there aren’t enough reporters to get the word out to citizens of recently passed legislation ranging from restrictions on guns in churches,… Continue Reading

Self editing makes for good writing — and blogging

New York venture capitalist and very widely followed blogger, Fred Wilson (@fredwilson), shares that an educator he greatly respects told him recently that getting kids to rewrite their work, solo, is the single most effective technique for improving their writing. Obsessive self editing, it turns out, is what makes Wilson such a great blogger. When… Continue Reading

Ghost law blogging is unethical : Nearing a consensus

Sorry lazy lawyers and marketing professionals selling ghostwritten blog posts. Lawyers and many other professionals are coming close to a consensus that ghost-blogging is unethical. The most recent discussion took place on Facebook and Twitter this week. Until now it was like talking religion or politics with the flak I received when expressing my belief… Continue Reading

Law blog success targeting just one person

I was recently explaining to a group of lawyers and law firm professionals that traffic doesn’t matter when it comes to blog posts. One of the firm’s professionals stopped me and asked “Why are marketing experts advising the firm that blog success ought to be measured by web traffic.” I explained that it may be… Continue Reading

Mobile to be 35% of law blog traffic by year end

Mobile traffic as a percentage of global Internet traffic is growing at one and a half times per year and is expected to continue, if not accelerate. Mobile traffic is charted to be near 35% by year’s end. This from the widely followed annual Internet Trends Report from Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist and former Wall… Continue Reading