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Blog still stands for Better Listing On Google

Definition of BlogFrom everything I can tell, the word, “Blog” still stands for “Better Listing On Google.” When blogging first became popular eleven or twelve years ago blog publishers, me included, were amazed at the high search engine rankings our blogs were receiving. Enough so that bloggers and the mainstream media coined the acronym for blog as better … Continue Reading

The beginning of the end of peer review?

ivory tower law publishingTechCrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler (@kimmaicutler) reports we may be seeing a new sort of peer review with a feature called ‘Sessions’ being added to, a 21 million user social network used by academics to share research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. Sessions allows … Continue Reading

What’s in the “About” section of your law blog?

about section of law blogIn starting LexBlog, I thought it important that each law blog have an About Section, a Services Section, and a Contact Section. I called these promo categories on a blog versus substantive categories of the blog. Substantive referring to six or eight categories of content which served as a taxonomy outlining the items you blogged … Continue Reading

Want the ear of federal regulators? Blog.

4871800637_bdc70e5871_bThere’s been some talk recently that the growth of law blogs has stagnated a bit. It’s something Bob Ambrogi mentioned recently on his blog, highlighting the Legal Technology Survey Report from the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center. We disagree a bit with the results, though it’s fair to admit our methods and sample size … Continue Reading

Did lawyer’s blogging lead to imprisonment of executives?

blogging lawyerOn Monday afternoon a federal judge in Georgia sentenced former peanut company executive Stewart Parnell to a virtual life sentence for crimes related to knowingly shipping salmonella-tainted peanut butter that killed nine and sickened 714 across 47 states. The 61-year-old former head of Peanut Corporation of America was sentenced to 28 years behind bars, apparently the first time a food … Continue Reading

Revisiting Legal Blogging Basics: A Best Practices Refresher – LexBlog Member Webinar on September 23

Pardot_landing_page_MEMBER_webinar_headerRevisiting Legal Blogging Basics: A Best Practices Refresher Thinking back to when you first started your blog, what do you remember most? Was it the feeling you got after completing your first draft post? The delight you felt seeing a design you loved? Something else? Chances are you remember a few things from your early … Continue Reading

Create a local favorites blog at your law firm

local community law firm blogIf you are a community focused law firm—and which law firm isn’t?—and you are not blogging about your local favorites in businesses, events and people, you’re missing a big opportunity. This from Dave Delaney (@davedelaney), a Nashville-based social media and digital marketing consultant. I am in total agreement. Delaney was speaking at a conference of … Continue Reading

Blab et al

Blab social network for lawyersI ran across something called yesterday afternoon in an online exchange among legal professionals. Seeing that it was some sort of video conferencing app similar to Google Hangouts, I asked on Facebook if anyone had heard of Blab, had used it and how it compared to Hangouts. Samantha Collier, a social media consultant to … Continue Reading

Law blogs don’t just aid a practice, blogs create a practice

law blogs create practiceBlogs don’t just aid business, they become one, reports Marco Santana (@marcosantana), who covers business and financial matters for the Orlando Sentinel. Santana was sharing news of the financial success of Floridians who decided to share information and insight about things they are passionate about through blogging. Some of the bloggers realized a career through blogging itself, ie, … Continue Reading

Law bloggers ought be more than content machines

law blog machineMy friend and leading web designer, Greg Storey (@brilliantcrank), forwarded a piece from designer Travis Gertz (@travisgertz) on the decline of web design — especially as it relates to designing environments for publishing. Gertz even sees content as stealing the emotion from design. There’s a lot of writing happening, but so little of it has any … Continue Reading

Is it really this easy?

law blogsFlorida lawyer and veteran blogger, Rick Georges (@rickgeorges) says there’s no magic formula for getting on page one of the Google search results.  No, you can’t game the Google system. The best way to get on Page One is to post quality content early and often. Interact with your clients and customers. Read and recognize the quality … Continue Reading

Focus on trust, not traffic, when blogging

trust not traffic with blogDespite the attraction of web traffic, lawyers and law firms ought to focus on something much more worthwhile, getting their content shared by establishing trust. From Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer), author and Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions: The power on the web does not come from content alone or traffic. It comes from social transmission. … Continue Reading