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How many law blogs are there and where are we headed?

My friend and fellow entrepreneur, Deborah McMurray (@contentpilot), asked me last week for my estimate on the number of attorney blogs today and my prediction for the coming years. McMurray was speaking to the Dallas Legal Marketing Association regarding top trends in marketing and wanted to include an update on blogs. I thought you’d be… Continue Reading

Ten reasons lawyers ought to think of blogging

Blogging is not for every lawyer. Blogging takes time, a passion for what you do or want to do, a desire to give in a real and meaningful way, and the persistence to do what’s needed to change your station in life. If you’re on the fence about blogging as a lawyer, here’s ten reasons… Continue Reading

Are bloggers media? Court says yes, Senate says no

Techdirt’s Mike Masnick (@mmasnick) reports this week that a Florida court has found bloggers to be part of the media. A University of Florida student blogged about a Florida businessman, Christopher Comins, shooting two dogs in a field. Rather than go after any of the major media which widely covered the event, Comins filed a defamation… Continue Reading

More is less : Call to action inadvisable on law blog

I ran across a post this morning from Amanda Clark (@GrammarChicInc) on “10 Ways Businesses Can Blog Better.” Number seven was “The Call-to-Action.” Every business-sponsored blog should incorporate a call-to-action at the end of a blog. This is a small section that explains how you, the business, can help readers solve the topic (usually a problem… Continue Reading

Is selling out for traffic a long-term law blog strategy?

This from veteran business, technology and new media reporter and columnist Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) in a piece on traffic being a good thing to pay attention to  – except when it isn’t. One of the biggest differences between online media and traditional media is that the former is so much easier to measure — every eyeball, every… Continue Reading

Data perhaps the most valuable asset of legal blog networks

During a luncheon meeting with a LexisNexis executive last week in New York, I shared general word of LexBlog’s initiative relating to our network, LXBN. His counsel was above all else incorportate solutions to mine data and analytics. What data was he referring? Data relating to the behavior of users, the viewing of content, and… Continue Reading

Law blogs ignore the history of blogging at their peril

Last week at Above The Law’s Attorney@Blog Conference I was struck by what I saw as failure to understand the essence of blogging. Sure, one could call a blog merely a publication. Sure, you could focus on ways to draw traffic to your blog. And sure, you could focus on traffic and analytics as measures… Continue Reading

Above The Law a mainstay in legal journalism

I presented last Friday at the initial Attorney@Blog Conference put on by Above The Law. I came away impressed. One by the presenters. Two, by the event itself. And three, for a conference all about legal blogging. The Above the Law crew did a real nice job. From leading constitutional law attorney, Floyd Abrams, kicking… Continue Reading

Your law blog does not drive visitors to your website

Over and over I hear the refrain that law firms should have a blog to drive traffic to their website. A Hubspot study which found businesses that blog get 55 per cent more visitors to their website is regularly cited by marketing, business development, and website professionals to drive home the point. But is your… Continue Reading

Law bloggers a gift to reporters and publishers

Veteran blogger and developer, Dave Winer (@davewiner), hit on why bloggers are so important to reporters in a post last week. Bloggers are your sources. They are the people who previous generations of reporters had to reach by telephone. These days reporters can skim hundreds of perspectives on the web, prioritized by search engines. The… Continue Reading

Law blogs and free Getty Images a good fit?

“Millions of images. Free to use. Share the word.” This from Getty Images this week when it announced the ability for people to easily embed and share its imagery – at no cost – for non-commercial use on websites, blogs and social media channels through a new embed tool. Although Getty Images plans to get… Continue Reading

Should I change the name of my law blog?

That’s the question I received this morning from a lawyer who’s been blogging for a couple years on a pretty sophisticated business and regulatory niche. She was concerned that the name may be too constraining with the word legal in it. Her blogging covered policy and business matters other than just the law. She was… Continue Reading

Non-monetary benefits from blogging are greater than the monetary

This from WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt) near the end of his conversation with Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, as part of LinkedIn’s Speaker Series. Mullenweg’s point, which he acknowledges he picked up from someone else, is that you make money because of your blog, not from your blog. The non-monetary benefits from publishing are… Continue Reading