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Will Google’s “Mobilegeddon” crush law firm content marketing?

responsive design google searchGoogle’s Mobilegeddon arrived this week and neither law firms nor the businesses they represent were ready for it. Law firm content marketing, whether via legal blogs or websites, is going to take a big hit in search results as a result. Business Insider’s Jillian D’onfro (@jillianiles) reports that Google’s major update to its mobile search algorithm, described … Continue Reading

Rise in social networks make law blogs even more important

blogs travel on social networksFunny thing happened with the advent of and increasing use of social networks. Law blogs became more important. Popular discussion of late has been that with the increasing use of social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) blogs have become less important. After all, all of your clients, prospective clients and their influencers (bloggers, traditional media, … Continue Reading

Blog early and often for traffic — and business

Blog often traffic businessLooking to generate more traffic to your blog and more business as a result? The best way to do so is to blog regularly. Research from HubSpot, in which it surveyed 13,500 blogging organizations, found that organizations which make a commitment to regularly publish quality content to their blogs tend to reap the biggest rewards in terms … Continue Reading

WordPress is democratizing publishing and development to empower us all

Wordpress development platformMatt Mullenweg (@photomatt), co-founder of WordPress, used to say WordPress is democratizing publishing. Mullenweg now describes WordPress as democratizing publishing and development. Rather than WordPress serving as just a powerful content management system, WordPress is becoming an application development framework. WordPress will serve as a platform enabling developers to build whatever they need in order to deliver … Continue Reading

Have I been asking too much of law bloggers?

law blogI have been blogging for over eleven years, most of the time encouraging lawyers to blog and when they do, to blog better. I am sure many of you have seen it as more of a hammer than encouragement. Define the perfect niche strategy, identify and listen to the influencers, master the use of a … Continue Reading

Getting inspiration for law blogging

law blog how to and inspiration with FlipboardAs a law blogger or someone sitting on the fence a good place to find inspiration is other bloggers. The bloggers need not be blogging on the law. Non-law blogs may be the best place to start. They’ll get you outside the routine of the law. I usually use  a news aggregator (Mr Reader) to … Continue Reading

Large law firm blogs prone to being hacked?

large law firm blogs securityReporting on the cooperative effort of Wall St. and law firms to bolster online security, The New York Times’ Mathew Goldstein (@mattgoldstein26) reports: Law enforcement agencies have long been concerned about the vulnerability of United States law firms to online attacks because they are seen by hackers and nations bent on corporate espionage as a rich repository … Continue Reading

Blogging for SEO or meaning?

Avijit RoyOne would hope that blogging, something that cost American, Avijit Roy, his life last Thursday, would mean something more to the American lawyer than SEO and a means to get traffic to a law firm website. Roy (@avijit_roy_mm), gave his life for something he believed in. Roy, accompanied by his wife, was hacked to death … Continue Reading

Lawyers blogging on a porn network?

Blogger for law blogsWell not exactly. I’m referencing Google’s Blogger blog publishing platform and blog network, which yesterday reversed its decision to ban porn. Among the many reasons I started LexBlog a decade ago one was that I didn’t see Google’s Blogger blog platform as a credible blogging solution for lawyers. Even if you could modify the standard Blogger … Continue Reading

Law firm digital publishing needs to be a conversation

law blog commentsLost on most blogging lawyers and law firms is that blogging represents something much different than writing an article for dissemination. Blogging represents an opportunity to develop relationships with your readers. Relationships developed through conversations with your readers. New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan (@sulliview), writing this week on the Times’ plans to expand … Continue Reading

There are blogs… and there are blogs

law blogsOne of my goals this year is to meet with as many of LexBlog’s clients – on their turf – as possible. Relationships are the key to our success. When traveling I also look for opportunities to meet with lawyers and law firms who are not LexBlog Network members. Not to sell them on anything, but … Continue Reading

The legal digital media battle will be won on mobile – and social

legal digital media on mobile and social“The battle will be won on the smartphone,” New York Times CEO, Mark Thompson told the audience at the Code/Media conference Tuesday evening, reports Re/codes’s Peter Kafka (@pkafka) and Edmund Lee (@edmundlee). And mobile alone will not be enough, per Thompson. Gaining readership will require content sharing on third-party social networking platforms such as Facebook. … Continue Reading

Five lessons law bloggers can take from Jon Stewart

law blog authentic engagementThere are five lessons blogging lawyers can take from John Stewart’s success on The Daily Show. Summed up: authenticity and authority are what people want today. As Sonio Simone (@soniasimone)  writes at Copyblogger, when Stewart started in 1999 the news was reported by the likes of Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather. Stewart’s satire and irreverant … Continue Reading