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Short blog posts have their advantages

Blog in short formIf people can read your blog post in a few seconds they’re more likely to do so, writes technology veteran and blog pioneer, Dave Winer (@davewiner). You are probably already blogging in short form on Twitter and Facebook, but doing so, per Winer, has some big shortcomings. Not everyone can read your Facebook posts. Your … Continue Reading

Upping our game

Legal bloggingLexBlog needs to up our game in 2016. Rather than merely selling and supporting a technology solution for publishing, we need to champion the role of legal blogging in our society. Just seems there is too much at stake for lawyers and the people we serve not to. LexBlog was started twelve years ago to … Continue Reading

2016 will be the year of the niche law blog

Niche law blogsReading recent reports and articles, it’s becoming clear that 2016 will be the year of niche legal publications. David Curle (@davidcurle), Director of Strategic Competitive Intelligence at Thomson Reuters Legal, recently summarized the key points from the 2016 Citi Hildebrandt Client Advisory from Citi Private Bank. First on the list of what Citi prescribes for strategic growth for … Continue Reading

What exactly does it mean it mean to be a real blogger?

imageBlogging in Bangladesh, where speaking openly can get you killed, certainly requires more than blogging in the United States, but Dhaka Tribune’s Arild Klokkerhaug’s (@arildk) piece on what it means to be a blogger is one ever law blogger ought to read. You see, a man approached Klokkerhaug and proclaimed, “I am a blogger.” Klokkerhaug … Continue Reading

Should we kill off the term Blog?

bloggingTwelve years ago when I began blogging, the term “blog” was quite unique. There were few bloggers. The idea of publishing text to websites independent of design and without going through intermediaries was something we’d not seen before. Let alone using RSS that enabled us to “listen” to other blogs and the subjects being written … Continue Reading

Contrary to InsideCounsel Magazine, vast majority of in-house counsel read and value blogs

Eye-catching headlines are easy. This one’s the truth. InsideCounsel’s headline of last week was not true. Last week, InsideCounsel ran a story titled “Survey Says In-House Counsel Don’t Read Law Firm Blogs.” Already contrary to the headline, InsideCounsel’s Marlisse Silver Sweeney (@marlissess) reports in the story that “close to a third of corporate counsel aren’t reading blogs offered by … Continue Reading

Is blogging a literary form?

Blogging as literary formI have always viewed blogging, particularly legal blogging, as something different than writing an article, a review, an alert or other form of written communication. But what is blogging? Should it be defined by the software on which you a publish? Should it be defined by pages in a website labeled as “Blog?” It hardly … Continue Reading

What if we had a law student blogging conference?

law school blogger conferenceI’ve been thinking of a law school blog symposium the last few days. Perhaps hold it in New York City, the home of more law schools and law students than anywhere else in the country. The New York City Bar Association building on 44th Street would be an excellent location. A recent post from technologist … Continue Reading

College blogger to Rhodes Scholar

model bloggersLawyers tend to look at publishing a blog as a chore. Some law firms need editorial calendars to prompt lawyers to write a post on a regular basis. How about aiming higher? What about using a blog to accomplish more in your professional life? How about publishing a blog to pursue a passion? To become more … Continue Reading

Want to make a successful career change? Start a blog

blog to build career as lawyerThat’s the word from former venture capital lawyer, Peter Thomson (@PeterJThomson) when asked in a Fortune Magazine interview what the most important lesson he’s learned in his career. The payoff is worth the time, says Thomson, now marketing director of SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform. Blogging. Or in other words, always sharing what I’m … Continue Reading

Does it matter where your blog content is read?

Read law blogsJosh Constine (@joshconstine)  at TechCrunch writes that publishers are at risk of losing their identity because social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are no longer looking to send users and traffic from their platforms back to the publishers site. Previously, the platforms were willing to pass people on to a publisher’s website where they … Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post – LexBlog Member Webinar on October 28

Pardot_landing_page_MEMBER_webinar_headerIf you’re a member of the LexBlog network, you’re invited to join us for this month’s law “blogging done right” webinar on what makes the “perfect” blog post. About “The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post” Webinar In this 30-minute webinar, join Audrea Fink, Christopher Rachal, and I as we break down the “perfect” blog … Continue Reading

Are you correctly measuring the ROI in law firm publishing?

law firm publishingThere’s a lesson for law firms doing content marketing in the native advertising being conducted major corporate brands. Major publishers, including The New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and USA Today enable brands to publish content called “native advertising” which appears alongside news stories in their publications. It turns out that one of the biggest … Continue Reading

Blog still stands for Better Listing On Google

Definition of BlogFrom everything I can tell, the word, “Blog” still stands for “Better Listing On Google.” When blogging first became popular eleven or twelve years ago blog publishers, me included, were amazed at the high search engine rankings our blogs were receiving. Enough so that bloggers and the mainstream media coined the acronym for blog as better … Continue Reading

The beginning of the end of peer review?

ivory tower law publishingTechCrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler (@kimmaicutler) reports we may be seeing a new sort of peer review with a feature called ‘Sessions’ being added to, a 21 million user social network used by academics to share research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. Sessions allows … Continue Reading

What’s in the “About” section of your law blog?

about section of law blogIn starting LexBlog, I thought it important that each law blog have an About Section, a Services Section, and a Contact Section. I called these promo categories on a blog versus substantive categories of the blog. Substantive referring to six or eight categories of content which served as a taxonomy outlining the items you blogged … Continue Reading