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Twitter multi-screen partnerships a role model for legal publishing

Jeff John Roberts (@jeffjohnroberts), legal and media reporter for GigaOm and paidContent, reports that “Twitter is teaming up with everyone from Bloomberg Television to Major League Baseball as the social media site expands its range of “multi-screen partnerships.” Why? To provide advertisers who advertise on TV an integrated cross-platform tool for reaching the social conversation … Continue Reading

Where's the social in this social media?

Loeb & Loeb’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Manton (@jennifer_manton), and Shawn Amos, Managing Partner at Amos Content Group (@ShawnAmos), led a post LMA Conference workshop on social media last Friday afternoon. Billed as ‘Achieving Measurable Lead Generation, Increased Brand Awareness and Business Development through Social Media,’ the workshop was very well done. The information and reports presented … Continue Reading

Facebook for lawyers : Wonderful relationship building medium for business development

Relationships with other people, no matter where those relationships emanate from, can lead to business for lawyers. Facebook should be looked at by lawyers as a relationship building medium. Limiting your use of Facebook as a lawyer to your ‘personal side,’ and nurturing ‘professional relationships’ elsewhere on the Internet is a mistake. You’ll be missing … Continue Reading

Can a lawyer respond to comments on their blog without creating an attorney client relationship?

A marketing professional in a large Midwest law firm contacted me this morning regarding a concern her firm’s lawyers raised with regard to responding to comments on the firm’s blogs. The lawyers believed that a lawyer cannot respond to a comment on a law blog without creating an attorney-client relationship. I thought I’d share my … Continue Reading