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What's the difference between static and social media? In 27 words


Writing in today’s Huffington Post on trust as the key in relationships and social media, business strategist and author, (Daniel Burrus @danielburrus), provides in twenty seven words the essence of social media.

Social media is different than static media, in that social media is a two-way, dynamic communication that builds relationship and engagement. The key word here is “relationship.”

Two sentences anyone using social media in or on behalf of a law firm could paste to their desktop.

Carry it around too. Read it to the ill-informed marketing professionals, public relations’ professionals, law firm leaders, and ‘social media experts’ who talk about spreading content on social media to get traffic to a website.

Two-way — Dynamic — Communication — Engagement – Relationship.

That’s social media.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Das Fotoimaginarium.