News of social media challenging traditional media comes from JD Lasica citing a 82 page whitepaper released by Universal McCann. (Click on ‘Wave 3’ on home page for copy)

The report finds Social media, and blogs in particular, are becoming a more important part of global media consumption for Internet users than some traditional media channels.

Key findings include:

  • 78% of Internet users read blogs, up from 66% in the last study
  • 57% of Internet users are now members of a social network
  • RSS consumption is growing rapidly up from 15% to 39%
  • Podcasts are now mainstream digital content, listened to by 48%

It’s like I told law firm PR professionals last week in Chicago. Ask your attorneys under age 35 if they they subscribe to the major local newspaper. Ask them if they’re considering do so. You’re likely to get a question in response. ‘Why would I?’

For a growing portion of our population news from social media whether it be from blogs or links to news stories shared by ‘friends’ on social networking sites is their preferable source of news.