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85% of blogs started by lawyers are still going strong

Lawyers who start blogs continue to post to those blogs. Unlike other bloggers, lawyers don’t start blogs, lose interest, and let their blogs die.

LexBlog’s recent research indicates that 85% of blogs started in our legal profession are maintained. Only 15% of blogs go months without a post.

How’d we arrive at that? As part of a new service LexBlog expects to launch next month, we’re compiling a list of active blogs being published by those in the legal industry – practicing lawyers, law professors, students, law librarians, legal marketing & knowledge management professionals, vendors, etc.

Going in, we thought we’d find over 2,000 law blogs. That was based on information from the ABA Journal that they had about 2,000 law blogs in their blog directory and were adding about 4 per day. However, our editors found only 1,700 to 1,800 active law blogs. Blogs that hadn’t posted in months were not included in our census.

When I first heard the numbers I thought that’s a lot of law blogs not being maintained. But looking at it percentage wise, that’s 85% of law blogs going strong (admittedly some are much more active than others). From what I understand that’s a much higher percentage of blogs being maintained as compared with blogs in general.

Tom Mighell, lawyer and blog pioneer, should be glad to hear that his numbers from 3 years ago remain as accurate today. He posted 3 years ago next month, of the ‘…blawgs I have been tracking, almost 85% are still going strong.’

The premise of Tom’s post was whether we lawyers will be blogging in 5 years. Looks like it’s going to happen.

  • http://www.chinalawblog.com China Law Blog

    I think it is because we lawyers tend to actually research things before we start them and so there is a realization going in that there will not be instant success. Also, we lawyers love to hear ourselves “talk.”

  • http://www.injuryboard.com Nick Carroll

    The numbers at blawg.com show things to be a little worse off. 2120 total blogs and 1301 that have posted something in the last 60 days. I think that’s just over 60%.