Are you publishing a purpose or profit driven law blog?

Got Purpose?

Did you start blogging because you want people to come to your site, subscribe to your blog and eventually hire you? Such blogs are solely profit driven, and they usually fail, per research done by B2B marketing consultant, Greg Digneo (@GregDigneo). The content soon reflects these motives and the blog is dull, boring, and uninspired. … Continue Reading

Facebook to court law blog networks?

Facebook blog publishers

For many publishers Facebook and other social media have become a more important driver of traffic than Google. In the case of Facebook, as reported by Digiday’s John McDermott (@mcdermott), it’s not soley because of changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed more prominently featuring publishers’ stories. …[T]here’s a human component to Facebook’s recent embrace of the publishing … Continue Reading

Top 10 in Law Blogs: HIPAA, Employment Law Quiz, Googling


Before winding down here at the office and making the walk from here to the ballpark for what might be the last time this year, it’s time for one more Top 10. In today’s roundup, Robin Shea has a great employment law quiz and Steve Baird highlights an interesting trademark case on “googling.” Total posts … Continue Reading

Small is the new big in legal technology companies

Small versus big legal technology companies

Big used to matter in companies providing legal support, research, and technology based solutions to law firms. Lots of money, broad distribution networks, seasoned executives, elaborate conference booths, and fancy marketing collateral. Big was the safe choice. You didn’t get fired for buying from the big company from which every other law firm was buying. … Continue Reading