Top 10 in Law Blogs: Risk Assessment, Lawyer Overtime, Performance Reviews


I always respect Dan Schwartz’s ability to take either a trend or a prominent news lesson and use it to teach a lesson on employment law—today he does just that with Bill Cosby. Over on LXBN, Zosha writes on the bizarre but interesting issue that is probable cause and marijuana odor. Total posts on the … Continue Reading

Is it really this easy?

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Florida lawyer and veteran blogger, Rick Georges (@rickgeorges) says there’s no magic formula for getting on page one of the Google search results.  No, you can’t game the Google system. The best way to get on Page One is to post quality content early and often. Interact with your clients and customers. Read and recognize the quality … Continue Reading

Top 10 in Law Blogs: Apple/Samsung Patent Suit, Tory Burch, Privacy Class Actions


I’ve mentioned this to more than a few people, but I’m surprised the LexBlog Network doesn’t have an ‘Internet of Things’ blog. It’s coming, and there’s a multitude of legal issues surrounding it—Karen Rubin writes on just that today. Total posts on the LexBlog Network: 193. Legal Marketing Goes Global – A Panel Recap – Legal … Continue Reading