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How many law blogs are there and where are we headed?

My friend and fellow entrepreneur, Deborah McMurray (@contentpilot), asked me last week for my estimate on the number of attorney blogs today and my prediction for the coming years. McMurray was speaking to the Dallas Legal Marketing Association regarding top trends in marketing and wanted to include an update on blogs. I thought you’d be… Continue Reading

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Are bloggers media? Court says yes, Senate says no

Techdirt’s Mike Masnick (@mmasnick) reports this week that a Florida court has found bloggers to be part of the media. A University of Florida student blogged about a Florida businessman, Christopher Comins, shooting two dogs in a field. Rather than go after any of the major media which widely covered the event, Comins filed a defamation… Continue Reading

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Is the goal of social media to drive people to your law firm website?

Stephen Fairley (@stephenfairley) , CEO of the Rainmaker Institute, shared earlier this week that “The goal of social media is to engage with individuals in meaningful ways and drive them off the social media platform to your website or blog.” I’m sure Fairley’s intentions were well placed and he’s not saying to sell on social… Continue Reading

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5 LinkedIn privacy tips every lawyer should know

Elyse Hackney (@ecoopers), a customer success executive at Hearsay Social, recently shared 5 LinkedIn privacy tips for financial advisors. After I shared her tips on Twitter, Hackney was kind enough to allow me to share, liberally, her advice with you. Like financial services, the legal profession places a premium on privacy. At the same time, lawyers ought not… Continue Reading

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Attorney-client matching websites : Are they innovative?

With the influx of capital into the legal industry, we’re seeing a number of lawyer-client matching sites. The Wall Street Journal’s Jennifer Smith referencing Priori Legal, LegalReach, and UpCounsel reports on the potential of online matchmaking services that promise to connect clients with lawyers. Small-business owners used to find lawyers largely by word-of-mouth. But that’s… Continue Reading