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Don’t just improve your content, use content to network online

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Rather than trying to produce “better content,” law firms and other professionals ought to look at content marketing as an opportunity to network online. Author and president of the consulting firm ChangeLabs, Peter Sheahan (@PeterGSheahan) has a good piece in the Harvard Business Review on what it takes for success in content content marketing. The… Continue Reading

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How to get more people to share your law blog posts

Getting more people to share your law blog posts requires you to share other people’s posts and stories. Hubspot’s Sam Kusinitz (@sdkusin) posted seven ways to get more people to share your posts. Post at the right times – Monday and Thursday at 9:30 ET. Have social sharing buttons and an email subscribe. Have a… Continue Reading

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Want blog posts shared on social? Design for mobile users

If you are looking to have your blog posts shared on social media, you best provide mobile viewers an exceptional user experience. A new Forrester survey of 37,000 consumers found that mobile users are more likely to share a branded post than desktop users. While 28% of desktop users share branded posts that rises to… Continue Reading

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Facebook accounts for almost 25% of social referrals to websites and blogs

If you’re looking for social media to generate traffic to your law blogs and law firm websites, you ought be thinking Facebook. According the latest report from Shareaholic, Facebook accounted for 23.39 percent of social referrals to websites in the second quarter of 2014. This represents a 10 percent gain since March and an incredible… Continue Reading

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Is SEO dead?

Other than good content, good title tags, good site architecture, site speed, and engaging others via content to generate organic links to my blog, I never worried much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Years later when I search for terms relevant to LexBlog’s business, my blog and our website are always at the top of… Continue Reading

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Web analytics in your pocket – Analytics Pro 2 app

Though I don’t believe web stats and analytics are any way to measure blogging success, I can’t resist the temptation to check my blog’s traffic from time to time. I do so with Analytics Pro on my iPhone. With the just launched Analytics Pro 2 I can view my Google Analytics data in a fast and… Continue Reading

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Facebook infamous mood testing a big to do about nothing?

My first reaction to word of the Facebook mood study was that it’s totally unethical and is going to set Facebook back a ways. I couldn’t figure out why Facebook couldn’t see it that way and wasn’t responding accordingly. But after realizing that advertisers and marketers test our moods in response to color, sounds, pictures,… Continue Reading

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Law professor, father, and blogger, Dan Markel, shot and killed

Dan Markel, a well-known Florida State law professor and blogger, died at the age of 41 after being shot in his home Friday. Speculation has it that Markel may have intercepted an intruder at 11 in the morning. No suspects have been identified. Family, friends, colleagues, and students gathered Sunday at a memorial in Tallahassee… Continue Reading

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5 reasons lawyers seeking career development ought to blog

Hibah Ahmed (@AhmedHibah), community manager at IT World Canada (@itworldca), shares 5 reasons IT professionals ought to start blogging which I think apply equally to lawyers. As with IT professionals, blogging isn’t the first thing lawyers think of when looking to further their careers. But there’s a growing network of professionals to network with via… Continue Reading