Is Ello something — or not?

ello for lawyers

Now that the social network, Ello, has raised $6 million in venture capital, $5.5 million of which was announced today, you can expect to start hearing a lot more about it. Ello has been billed by some as the anti-Facebook in that it claims not to leverage users’ data in any way. Ello’s said it … Continue Reading

The New Yorker magazine joins bloggers, now running on WordPress


Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), co-founder of WordPress, reports that The New Yorker online is now running on WordPress. WordPress provides The New Yorker a more robust and user-friendly CMS (content management system), per Nicholas Thompson (@nxthompson), the magazine’s online editor. We’re looking at almost total upside there. Because the tools are no longer getting in the … Continue Reading

Facebook becoming essential for law blog distribution

law blog distribution on Facebook

When we founded LexBlog blog posts were delivered directly to readers via RSS feeds, email subscription, and users bookmarking blogs, in addition to Google searches. Fast forward 11 years and Facebook, with Google, dominates media distribution. Readers are no longer receiving blogs directly. Blog posts are being distributed socially. From Frédéric Filloux (@filloux), general manager … Continue Reading